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Child sex abuse inquiry: Judge Lowell Goddard quits

Judge Lowell Goddard has resigned as the head of the UK's independent inquiry into child sexual abuse, the home secretary has announced.

The inquiry was set up in March 2015 to examine claims made against public and private institutions.

An attempt to launch a probe in 2014 was abandoned after two previous heads resigned amid victims' concerns over their links to establishment figures.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd said a new chair would be appointed.

She said in a statement: "I want to assure everyone with an interest in the inquiry, particularly victims and survivors, that the work of the inquiry will continue without delay...

"I would like to thank Dame Lowell Goddard for the contribution she has made in setting up the inquiry so that it may continue to go about its vital work."

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A Genuine Survivor's story.

Found this on my travels. Quite brilliant. Many other genuine survivors have also got on with their lives. No groups, no special treatment. Just the will and the want to get on with it. Many people have made money from many others who spend their whole lives being the victim. From one issue to the next their desire to remain the victim creates a coat tail for various agencies and "help" groups to cling on to. I see it everyday on social media and in real life. I imagine whoever Bob is he sleeps as well as I do.
How ‘Dr Who’ Helped me to Dance
As a child I loved Doctor Who. In many ways, The Doctor helped me to survive.
Tom Baker, the fourth Doctor (the one with a scarf) tells a story of this intense man who approached him on the street one day and said very seriously ‘Mr Baker can I have a word.’ Tom, very nervously, said ‘by all means’ in his most confident Dr Who voice and steeled himself for what was to come. The man looked him in the eye and said ‘when I was a child my life was a nightmare of sexual abuse and violence – but every Saturday night I could escape when I watched you as the Doctor – I just wanted to say thank you for saving my life.’ At which point he smiled and reached out his hand. Tom automatically took it. The man smiled the biggest of smiles and simply turned and walked away.
The man wasn’t me – but it could have been. I was born in 1960 in Liverpool. In hindsight I can see my mother was suffering from some form of mental health distress for most of her life. She could be very violent, often without warning and always seemingly for minor or trivial things. She hit me round the head with a cast-iron iron once. I recall thinking I was lucky it wasn’t red hot. She was very possessive and often accused other people who showed me any affection of attempting to steal me.
My Father was not violent to me but he was an alcoholic and often we had little food. Once we were evicted for not paying the rent and ended up in a hostel. My father and mother had constant fights about money – I never bonded with either. Once my aunty found me wandering along the Wallasey side of the Mersey river, miles from home. My aunty told me I should go home and I said that I would rather die than go home.
My aunty still talks emotionally at the intensity of my feeling. I was five years old.
I now know that many people had concerns about the ability of my mother and father to support children but no one ever intervened. However, there were anchors of love which I recall to this day: my grandmother, my uncle Bill and aunty Pat; and Mrs Ritzen, a neighbour. They showed me unconditional love. Small windows of love simply given but which had a major effect, I’d suggest, on the rest of my life.
I adapted to my situation, learning to avoid mother’s mood swings and I never really saw my father. I spent a lot of time wondering the streets on my own. My mother and father separated when I was around six and we moved to my mother’s home city. I was not accepted by her family as they believed that because my father was ethnically mixed (West Indian/White), that if I ever had children they could be black. This made me, literally, the black sheep of the family.
The first sexual abuse committed against me was when I was about seven. I was picked up off the street by a man aged about 30 who did local deliveries and taken to a lay-by in a country lane. He told me to give him oral sex. I can still feel the sense of fear I had as I believe that if I hadn’t complied with his demands, I may not have been freed. I only ever saw the man once again and I didn’t go anywhere near him. I put the experience to the back of my mind and never told anyone. I was frightened what people would think of me for having put a man’s penis in my mouth.
My next sexual abuse experience was a with a neighbour who ran a Sunday morning paper round and also did Army cadet instruction. He was aged about 23; I must have been around 8 or 9 and looking to earn some money to help keep the gas meter running on a Sunday. After my paper round, the man would take me to the local Army cadet force HQ as I had a great desire to join the Army like my uncle Bill. The man suggested I needed to learn unarmed combat and needed to take off all my clothes to do so. He would then engage in what he called ‘hand to hand training’ which ended in him raping me. He also often took photographs of me naked in different positions. He talked endlessly about his sexual encounters with women.
He also encouraged me to have sexual encounters with boys and girls of my own age in the school toilets and report back to him. He said it was a normal and part of my growing up. I never did follow his advice. The last memory I have of him is of visiting a public toilet at a seaside resort. I remember entering a cubicle with him but nothing more. I know I avoided him from that point on though.
My next sexual abuse encounter occurred when I was visiting a student at the local University. He did voluntary work at the local youth club and had befriended me. I so much wanted to go to university and loved his attention. I felt grown up. But on my final visit he asked if I’d ever masturbated. I remember thinking everybody wants you for sex and you can’t trust no one. I just stood up, said nothing and left his room. Around this time a girl aged about 14 started encouraging me to have sex with her. I remember ejaculating and wondering why my semen seem different to the men’s I’d experienced – mine being all watery – I must have been 9. She told me she was a catholic and men liked sex – and that she always confessed to her priest about our encounters.
From this point on I became increasingly disturbed and was seen by many professionals. One time I was told to visit a special hospital so the electrical impulses of my brain could be mapped but the day the taxi arrived I refused to go. Something told me it wasn’t a good idea. Nothing was ever followed up on as far as I know and I became increasingly violent, especially towards adult males. I finally convinced my female social worker to put me into care. I was sent to the Bryn Alyn Community at Wrexham North Wales owned and operated by a John Allen, whose sexual abuse activities are well documented in Sir Ronald Waterhouse’s Lost In Care report from 2000. I spent nearly seven years in the Bryn Alyn Community. I was only approached once by John Allen for sex whilst in bed. I was so damaged by then that I just looked him in the eye and lay on my bed frozen as he ran his hand up my leg toward my groin. He stopped and looked ashen and left without saying a word. He never approached me again.
Many of my peers at Bryn Alyn received expensive gifts even though they were in trouble most of the time. I attended an outside ‘normal’ school. I used to run to the bus stop to go to school. I loved being in a normal world for a while. But I can’t recall anybody ever asking how school was going. They just saw me off to it and made sure I was back at tea time. I grew up not only with the shame of sexual abuse but also thinking I was not as good as the other boys – even though many committed endless crimes, they got bigger and better gifts than I did.
No one ever asked me why I was like I was. The staff were untrained and low skilled mostly. They couldn’t see how to help I suppose. However, most privately now admit they suspected. They called John Alun’s favourites his ‘bum boy’s’
However, one of most untrained and low skilled staff took the time to make an effort with me. His rather blunt manner was actually very safe to me – what you saw was what you got – and he never attempted to have sex with me. He treated me like a normal boy. I still visit him. He’s not the man he was. The enquiries took there toll.
He supported me to join the RAF which I joined three days after my 17th birthday (I had to leave care at 17.) It’s amazing I was allowed to join up. When I look at my old photos, it’s clear that I’d decided that I wasn’t going to be abused again. I turned into my friend. Blunt and hard. It worked well at keeping the abusers away but it also made it hard for anybody else to like me. I took no prisoners.
At no point did anybody intervene to stop that outcome and there must have been many opportunities to do so. My files where burnt by social services in 1985. Why? We shall never know what people thought about how I behaved. I joined the RAF Regiment, one of the toughest units in the British armed forces. If you wanted to push yourself it was the place to go and to me, as an institutionalised care-leaver, it was a safe place.
When I left, I married and was a successful businessman. I did my O-levels, worked my way up in BT and, when it was privatised, set up my own business which we later sold to a big newspaper group.
I also worked in the leisure industry and was even a special constable in the police. I got into social care work and into NHS mental health services. But I never spoke about what happened to me.
Then the Waterhouse enquiry took place. I thought I could handle it but suddenly there were all these images of people I’d been in the home with on TV. They’d committed suicide. I broke down and cried for hours. I couldn’t stop. I remembered those children as children and the sense of loss – theirs, mine – broke down any barriers.
My wife was terrific and so were her family. Knowing I’d been abused helped them to understand me and my self-protection techniques better: the way I was distant, was always moving on from job to job and was always being disappointed by people.
But I knew I needed professional help.
I told my GP. He promised to refer me but never did. He was sent for retraining after I complained. I got the referral but the clinical psychologist I saw had only been told that I was ‘anxious’ and wasn’t expecting what she got when I spewed out what had happened to me. She’d been traumatised herself and the whole experience could have sent both of us over the edge. All because of the reluctance of this doctor to call a spade a spade.
Eventually I saw a really good clinical psychologist. I knew that if I didn’t talk about it I’d go mad. I was 40 years old. I had three years of therapy and became an activist. I was angry about the shocking lack of services for abuse victims generally and males particularly.
Ten years on, things are better. There is a growing awareness of abuse but government is still struggling to grasp how to deal with it. We’re the traumatised victims of a crime and that’s still not fully understood. The Department of Health, the home office, justice department, the police, they’re all jockeying. Some local authorities are still, frankly, terrible and we desperately need some national leadership.
But it’s people that make the difference with people so you do need to talk. In my opinion, the voluntary sector works best for sexual abuse and there are some good safe, specialist services available now.
I’d like to return my friend The Doctor. In one of the new episodes of Dr Who with David Tennant, a young women who is the Doctor’s soul mate if you like gets a glimpse inside his mind. She discovers he’s a survivor too in a way and says to him: ‘There comes a time, Time Lord, when every lonely little boy must learn to dance’.
For any lonely little boy or girl who has been abused to learn to dance (or, as I’d put it, discover life free of abuse) requires a partner. It is society or community – allowing us to talk – that opens up the possibility of recovery. There is hope for recovery at any stage in one’s life. Some of us call it finding ourselves. We didn’t do it alone.
by  Bob

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Fabooka De Stait


Notice To Greater Manchester Police. Part 7:

If we look at why I am currently undergoing correspondence with yourselves and basically holding your hands as I do a good deed by way of guiding you to the truth, we can all begin to appreciate that there is something very, very wrong with the world as a result of what is presented as justice and equality. Let us just examine some of your actions in a most serious and truthful manner, so as to grasp exactly how you people create and exacerbate so many problems in our society.

In the following synopsis I shall highlight a display of gross misconduct and flagrant ineptitude, the likes of which should shame anyone who tries to uphold the pretence that you people are out to serve the common good.

Basically, the culmination of your activities leads you to think you are in a position that permits yourselves to hide behind the thin and rapidly lifting veil of supposed authority, and that it allows you to ask innocent people questions such as "are you sexually attracted to children?"

You do this after having stolen their property which is not specifically granted to be taken on the basis of the fraudulent warrant that you obtained from an ignorant and corrupt Justice Of The Peace - which was in turn applied for by a highly ignorant and incompetent police officer from Greater Manchester Police. This offending and offensive officer, who was accompanied by several others, tried to gain access to a property by way of telling blatant lies after having received his information from other branches of law enforcement whom he was basically trying to impress by way of going in gung-ho in order to portray an image of officialdom.

The persons who initiated these actions are employed by the agencies that supplied the misinformation to Greater Manchester Police and they are also directly and indirectly responsible for overseeing the activities and criminality of the person who has lodged the malicious complaint. A person whom might I add, has a long history of mental instability which includes aspects such as multiple personality disorder and being an acute fantasist. This same individual is renowned for his online abuses and is currently charged with sending malicious communications over an electronic medium i.e. The Internet. His online abuses are also very well documented and cover a wide variety of social media platforms, including what is supposedly his own blog at OUTLAWJIMMY.COM

In addition, he is a person who claims to be out for the protection of the people, and in particular victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse, whilst at the same time he has instigated many attempts to undermine their stories and been far less than truthful or decent once having fooled them into handing over personal details that pertain to their identities and historical recollections of mental and physical trauma. He also displays many traits of insincerity especially in relation to who implements the operation of his blog - whilst broadcasting abuses of a highly disturbing sexual nature which in turn are directed at many individuals in several areas of the online world. It should also be noted that he is a person who likes to dissuade the general public by way of having them accept that many despicable individuals such as Jimmy Savile and Edward Heath are far from the very sick and dangerous persons that they are now perceived as by most of the population.

This individual who has launched such a complaint is also widely acknowledged to be capable of extreme and unreasonable behaviour in that he quite openly takes delight in the prospect of those that have become aware of his actions and deceit, suffering at the hands of what is meant to be seen as authority and the law, even if they are completely innocent. He enjoys infamy to such a degree due to his narcissistic personality that he has admitted to being a most disgusting internet troll, and has been involved with a considerable number of websites that have been set up expressly to facilitate other instances of trolling, abuse and defamatory comments towards many other innocent or vulnerable people. Further to these very unusual and most vile displays, he also likes to portray himself as the innocent victim, as does his online partner, who is a supposedly a woman that uses the names Jane Russell and Sarah Larner.

He and she both post a multitude of false comments on the OUTLAW blog in order to feign support and in order to give the impression that they have been the combined recipients of death threats as a direct result of their evil prowess. He targets many people so as to undermine research, the uncovering acts of oppression and he specifically targets the online Childhood Sexual Abuse survivor community in order to soften the blow of their accusations on behalf of whomever it may concern. It is quite apparent that he has a deep desire to malign many victims and those such as myself who have been instrumental in uncovering his vindictive and dangerous acts of deception.

Part of the reasoning for your intervention in the normal day to day living of innocent people relates to you stating that they may be responsible for the uploading of an image that was to serve as an example of the disparity in relation to how normal and working-class people are judged by society when compared to those who occupy the realm of celebrity. It was done so, as an act of support for someone else who is also working-class and who had used that image again to highlight glaring anomalies between lifelong drug and alcohol abusers who are allowed access to small children even if those children are to be brought up in the environment of husband and husband.

Thus, the elements of law enforcement failed to pay attention to context, circumstance and indeed the message of the post, despite the fact the image is not actually illegal and is classed by many as art. So, here again we see evidence to suggest that the people who actually own the real image are fine to keep it on display in their very luxurious homes, whilst those who actually point out the anomalies by way of referencing the photograph are pursued in a most unscrupulous manner by the police and the more secretive parts of law enforcement who guide them. Of course, we are well aware of the fact that other reasons have led to some innocent person being abducted, physically and verbally abused in such an undignified and unprofessional manner some twelve months after the posting and this is quite possibly why only Facebook themselves were approached by those involved and not Internet Service Providers with respect to either of the allegations.

This situation in itself serves to highlight a certain degree of inability to be classed as fit for purpose by those involved in law enforcement, given that nothing at all appears to have been done in the eight months from supposed posting of the image in December 2014 until the wholly malicious self-sent death threat of 27th July 2015. Some further aspects with regards to this lack of genuine law enforcement need to be borne in mind due to the fact that the person you thought you were going to be apprehending is a somewhat notorious writer of political works that serve to analyze many government and law related topics by way of pointing out inconsistency and failings that can be directly attributed to some of those involved in this unsavoury melee.

The person you are going around arresting people on behalf of is also used by the authorities in relation to institutionalized care home abuse in North Wales, and especially abuse that relates to the Bryn Estyn Care Home. This is despite the fact that he

openly admitted on a Channel 4 News that he was not even there for any length of time and stated with clarity on that programme that he only heard stories of abuse. Therefore, people should find this situation and relationship between the authorities and this man most uncomfortable, given that he attacks and corrupts so many discussions based around these very important topics. It can be seen that whilst working with and on behalf of those authorities, he and his website are used in order to cool down and redirect any furore that may arise given the nature of what some survivors had to endure at the hands of that deviant authority itself.

Many online members of the Alternative Media and the Truth Movement are also aware of the somewhat cosy relationship that he and yourselves seem to have with the most pernicious social media platform of them all - that being Facebook. Yes, the confirmed collaborator seems to have no problem in getting anyone banned and then whist under the terms of the ban, Facebook does indeed appear to do some external agency's bidding, by way of stealthily removing controversial articles without warning or reason, and this then serves his interests and ultimately the interests of those whom he is collaborating with.

It should be seen as no coincidence that the person you were trying to apprehend based upon some woeful information that does not actually relate to a criminal act and also that which is based upon the word of your very false and therefore not too credible witness, is actually someone who has been vocally

defending against this sort of corruption for several years. The individual you require to capture has illustrated many of your previous failings and many of those attributable to your recognized asset. This asset, is a person who could at best be described as of borderline mental stability, based upon his multitude of attacks, inconsistencies and the fact he only has a blog because you people helped him set it up and give administration as part of his mental therapy in the first place.

Due to his many significant mental problems and possibly as a result of also being diagnosed as bipolar, he displays much difficulty in grasping anything apart from the most basic concepts and often takes any form of statement in a literal sense, quite possibly as a result of him having such a large set of narcissistic traits combined with some other autism based mental problems. He and his online partner also seem to be morbidly fascinated with many deeply unpleasant aspects of sexual practices to the point that many people think they are Satanic individuals, and this could possibly be why they are happy for children or grandchildren of those they do not like to be looking at the prospect of being taken into care as well. Such a viewpoint illuminates his and his online partner's total lack of empathy in a manner that leads the way to uncover many more of their despicable deeds, and a trail of abuses that are known to many individuals and groups throughout this country. In fact, several hundred of those from Jane Russell can be found quite easily by referencing her Google+ page. It makes a very interesting read and gives good insight into the warped minds of those who are for some very strange and worrying reasons, employed and encouraged by law enforcement agencies.

Further to the problems outlined above, it is very clear to many people that your partner in online crime projects a victim type mentality despite the fact that he very clearly attacks all of those he claims attack himself. It is very often the case, as it is with myself, that that they are merely responding to him and Jane Russell for the callous insinuations that have been directed towards themselves and that neither he, nor Jane Russell are happy to accept the reality.

In the online world your asset has also tried to decry many websites and individuals who fight to get the truth about certain issues into the wider community by ridiculing them and stating that they do what they do for money, because of the fact they may have to rely on public generosity in the form of donations. Well, it is no wonder he is in the position of being able to do such a thing, given the true nature of his website and who is directly concerned with the financing and administration of it, is it?

So, this once again shows further elements of deception and inability to state the truth about his aims and desires. It would also appear that primarily because of your own involvement that nothing has been done at all, in order to curtail is wanton rampage of destruction across the many previously mentioned social media platforms, and in fact, he appears to have been given a free rein so as to cause as much upset as is absolutely possible for several years.

Due to constant pressure and the castigating of your informant for his actions, he has on more than one occasion created situations in order to gain sympathy and support so as to make it appear that he is only out for good and that those who are well aware of his true status as a lowly partner and government disinformation producer are picking on him for no reason at all.

Over the last year in particular, it has become more than apparent that the exposing of him and ability to completely uncover his many floundering arguments, by myself, has led him to become even more selfishly vocal in his cries for help as he vainly attempts to besmirch others by alleging that they have threatened him in the extreme. Let it be understood that he is a "nobody" and the realisation of that fact by himself has led him to attempt to feed off whatever emotional energy he can muster up in support from others - which in all honesty, it has to be said, is not a lot. This is probably part of the reason that has led him to do the things he has done in relation to self-sent death threats and stating that he received threats that were retaliations to the Troll known as Shillby. As a consequence of this and the fact he that he had participated in an interaction with myself that involved those threats, he once more failed and lost the plot with respect to his constant portrayal of himself as innocent. Many people are well aware that simply is not the case, yourselves included. He has also attempted to infiltrate Alternative Media Websites that were under investigation, whilst working with and for the authorities, and yet he still professes that neither revelations are true. Sadly for you people, your blatant admissions that he does indeed work with and for yourselves constitutes a severe undermining of his projected image.

He is a person who can be spammed at will by whoever wishes to do so, and he would have no knowledge of them or their true identity, so it is clear for all to see that his little and highly desperate charades are once again situations that are put into place for his and Jane's own sadistic enjoyment and that they stem from his aforementioned multiple personality disorders. The fact that he is also under investigation for sending malicious communications is no doubt a contributing factor in his most devious and inadequate attempts to drag others with him. It should also be borne in mind, that I personally fully admit to sending him spam and ridiculing him in as many places as possible and that once he had slipped up with regards to being the most dangerous Troll known as Shillby, I did state that if I ever caught him that I would give him a good smack - so what?

You people need to appreciate that I nor anyone else has any real need to send this dangerous and most evil individual death threats; least of all, ones that are as spurious, sickly and full of his own identifying mental features as the ones he is claiming were issued towards him. He craves the attention and hides behind the supposed woman known as Jane Russell. She in her own right is about as disgusting and sick in the head as anyone would care to imagine, with a twisted mind that is constantly full of the seediest things that most normal people would not even contemplate, and as such, she is a perfect complement to the horrible little man you work with. Which in all fairness, says a lot for your aims and the aims of those in the likes of the National Crime Agency with regards to upsetting and attempting to make a laughing stock out of the Alternative Media so as to stifle free speech and ensure many other dubious objectives are met.

He and his online partner are undoubtedly responsible for obtaining the personal information relating to several dozen people in order to attempt to unmask them and then corrosively attack them based on appearances and viewpoint. Dare I say it, that there is probably more than a grain of truth in the prospect that this whole exercise from yourselves could be about the same thing, as after all, he gets his information relating to people from somewhere, and it certainly is not as a result of his own analytical and cognitive supremacy, that's for sure. So it is more than fair to say that he probably relies on the feeding of tid-bits to him from yourselves in an effort to discredit those who are well aware of your intentions as well as his.

The circumstances alluded to above could be a very determining factor in why your colleagues at certain branches of the National Crime Agency have been very selective and economical with the truth towards yourselves so that it would lead you people to be the endpoint in a very long trail of corrupt practices. This is something that people like myself shall not stand for, and you will be exposed at our leisure. Vindictive pursuit of the innocent whilst missing the point completely is not something that should be a regular occurrence from those who scream how professional they are and how in order to cajole the public so as they would wish to be recipients of much appreciation from those who are and are likely to remain ignorant of the blinding light of absolute truth.

I think at this juncture we should all take a deep breath, just so as to recap over the current state of affairs as created by yourselves and your very disturbing actions that are far from innocent or in the public interest. The point of this will be to gain an appreciation of the course of events as they unfolded and to examine your thought process and reasoning that leads you into the situation where we presently reside. Your actions are basically inexplicable if they are to be viewed by anyone who would seek to make sure the people of this country are secure and safe from harm, and they are especially inexplicable when taken in the context that the likes of yourselves and other branches of law enforcement are to be seen as worthy of any praise, respect or even finances from the public so as to pursue in an appropriate manner those who are criminal in orientation or those who are to be seen as a threat to the population of this nation.

Unfortunately, it is no wonder that so many people neither trust the police, those who oversee the police, or those even more hidden behind the scenes who like to pretend that their main aims are ensuring the right to security and protection of the people. This is due to the fact that for many of us, it is quite obvious that the police are a self-serving corporate entity, whose only desire is to enforce as many falsely manufactured crimes as is possible in order to increase their budgets in a parasitic manner. At the same time, they fail the public continually and are only really attempting to prevent the reality of the situation being uncovered: that is to say, that they see themselves as above the people as a result of them being spoon fed by the most corrupt and disgusting usurpers who are from the political and upper-classes, as it is these people and their kin who see this land as their own to do with whatever they desire, and the police are and always have been about serving their interests at the expense of everyone else.

As a corporate entity you work hand in hand with the establishment to manufacture crime in order to obtain finances. As a corporate entity you work hand in hand with the national media to promote crime and the fear of it so as to fool the people into being reliant upon yourselves as protection from it.

Finally, as a corporate entity, when taken as whole constabularies and individual officers, you are often deeply involved in crime as you struggle to keep up your janus-faced facade. You lack vision, you lack honesty and you certainly lack integrity.

You will not be fooling half as many people as you have been for very much longer, and there are millions of us that shall see to that, whether you lot like it or not.

There will be more to follow.

Fabooka De Stait.

Notice To Greater Manchester Police. Part 6:

Given that you arrived at a home and proceeded to arrest someone on suspicion of uploading what you term an indecent image involving a child, it should be appreciated that there are some worrying aspects to your methods that need to be scrutinized. If the image warrants the nature of your visit, and is then to be treated in all seriousness by you and anyone you attempt to credit with such an action, do you think eight months from the time of alleged uploading of it would be enough time to approach Facebook, obtain the details of the linked address and then visit for preliminary questioning, given the resources available to yourselves and the likes of certain branches within the National Crime Agency?

After all, if you are to be deemed professional, simply waiting around or failing to involve an internet service provider would not be the way to go in order to obtain as much information as possible with regards to whoever you think you may be after.

1) Do you appreciate that in the eight months from the posting of the Goldin image, up until the time that Roydon Jones sent himself a rambling death threat that you would have had more than enough time to make any enquiries and question anyone with regards to the posting of that image?

2) Now that it has been established that Roydon Jones claims to have received the rambling death threat on or around the 27th July 2015, and then proceeded to post it as part of a large article that was published in order to defame many people, do you not think it strange that he only alluded to the possibility of it coming from myself?

3) Are you aware that after learning of the alleged threat and subsequently figuring out that it could only have come from Jones that I once again ridiculed him on Chris Spivey's website?

4) Are you aware that Jones received a comment from a username known as Richard 1 that explained to him what I had been saying over his posting of the death threat as part of his article?

5) Are you aware that Jones became most evasive when asked a direct question in relation to me stating that he sent the death threat to himself?

6) Are you aware that Jones dismissed the threat as fantasy and said he was not too bothered about the threat?

7) Are you aware that in the several days and weeks before this death threat that I had been severely ridiculing Jones because of the fact he had slipped up and admitted on a Youtube comment that he and myself had a "previous Interaction" and that it was also the one that he used as the basis for suggesting threats were made against him when he appeared on the radio show hosted by Mr. Maguire?

8) Do you appreciate that Jones locked himself into the position of being Shillby, by way of making this statement, as a direct result of the comment and interaction referring to something that took place between Shillby and myself?

9) Are you aware that I actually class this threat as more disgusting and from someone with a disturbed mind that is full of very graphic and twisted thoughts as opposed to any real suggestion of intention to do physical harm?

10) Are you aware I am of the belief that the Rambling death threat was posted by someone under immense pressure due to not being able to cope with the verbal onslaught that they were forced to endure as a result of their many lies, disgusting accusations and deceit?

11) Are you aware that towards the end of 2014 that Roydon James Jones tried to make himself out to be a victim with regards to myself by telling Danielle La Veritie that I was bullying him?

12) Are you aware that he then later turned upon Danielle La Veritie and gave her a considerable amount of abuse, as did his online partner, Jane Russell?

13) Are you aware that in the death threat, that the person who sent it referred to "we" as in plural?

14) Are you aware that in any interaction, I only speak for myself and would not need to use the term "we" if I chose to threaten Roydon James Jones?

15) Are you aware that Mr. Darren Laverty was referred to as Daz in the death threat?

16) Are you aware that I do not call Darren Laverty, Daz, because I do not know him anywhere near well enough?

17) Are you aware that Roydon Jones has known and been aware of Darren Laverty for a lot longer than I have, and is far more familiar with him than I ever will be?

18) Are you aware that Roydon Jones, Jane Russell and whoever oversees their online activities would like to try and paint a picture of multiple people having been against them for several years?

19) Are you aware that I never had any need for direct interaction with Roydon Jones until towards the end of last year, whereby himself and Jane Russell were constantly firing off malicious comments against Chris Spivey for having to run his website based on donations, whilst trying to kid everyone that they were not doing such a thing?

20) Are you aware I was contacted in private by Roydon James Jones as himself on Facebook a couple of months before I questioned him about his sly actions?

21) Are you aware I was only contacted by Shillby after my rebuking of Roydon Jones?

22) Are you aware that I was also contacted by way of private messaging?

23) Are you aware I was always highly suspicious of Roydon James Jones?

24) Are you aware that Roydon James Jones and his online partner, Jane Russell, are both very sinister?

25) Are you aware that Roydon James Jones and Jane Russell took delight in the prospect of Chris Spivey losing his grandchild to social services?

26) Are you aware that Roydon James Jones and Jane Russell were euphoric at the prospect of Chris Spivey having to go to prison?

27) Are you aware that Roydon James Jones tries to pass himself off as innocent and inoffensive on his OUTLAW blog, when nothing could be further from the truth?

28) Given that you had eight months to attend any address you may have felt was responsible for posting an image, and that it is a completely separate offence, both in timeline and nature to the death threat, why did you apply for a warrant concerning the two acts at the same time?

29) Were you given the information regarding the two alleged offences at the same time?

30) Was the information given to you by the same persons and or somebody involved in government agencies that have interaction with Roydon James Jones?

There will be more to follow.


Notice to Greater Manchester Police: Important questions that you need to ask yourselves in order to ensure a thorough investigation that should lead to a substantial term of imprisonment for Roydon James Jones, 51, of Bran, Acrefair, Wrexham LL14 3HD. It should also lead to the immediate apprehension of whoever he liaises with on a regular basis. The reason for this is because massive failings in strategy and application have occurred that have allowed your verified contact to demonstrate numerous criminal acts whilst under therapy and instruction and or guidance from certain branches of government that allege themselves to be in the pursuit of justice and upholding the law. If justice is not seen to be done, then you shall only contribute to the massive systemic failings that my colleagues and myself are engaged in the fight against.

Section 1.

1) Who is or has been responsible for collecting evidence from the following Facebook accounts that are now expired: Fabooka De Stait, Christopher Green and Yukan Fu Q’mee?

2) Do they have any relationship to Roydon James Jones, 51, of Bran, Acrefair, Wrexham LL14 3HD?

3) Why was the posting of a photograph by Golding, pursued as an indecent image when it is totally legal and is still freely available to be viewed on Google Images?

4) Why was this done, despite the reasons for posting having accompanied the post at the time? As in, it was a statement of support for someone else who had been previously maliciously prosecuted for having once again used it for illustrative purposes in defence of people who lose their children for no real reason.

5) If you as the authorities have taken such an interest in any of the previously mentioned accounts (which you undoubtedly have) are you aware of interactions that took place in the form of private messages in any of them?

6) Are you aware of correspondence initiated by a prolific and most dangerous “Troll” known as “Shillby Shill?”

7) Are you aware that I was approached by Shillby Shill and threatened via private messaging on those accounts that you have taken such an interest in?

8) Are you aware that in December of last year that Roydon Jones, acting with and on behalf of the woman known as Jane Russell a.k.a Sarah Larner, decided to take extracts from those messages and displayed them on OUTLAW blog?

9) Are you aware that this was done so as to defame myself in order to make it appear I was some sort of aggressor, despite the fact that I posted those extracts to illustrate what Shillby had been doing, not only to myself, but also to numerous female users of Facebook whom he thought were all interconnected?

10) Are you aware that Shillby Shill and other Trolls he was associated with, systematically led a tirade of abuse on several public pages and by way of private messaging?

11) Are you aware that Shillby threatened women and attempted to befriend their children on Facebook in order to obtain access to further information?

12) Are you aware that Shillby made several videos that had to be removed from Youtube because they were highly defamatory and offensive in nature?

13) Are you aware of a woman who was involved in the prosecution of a musician named Watkins?

14) Are you aware that Shillby thought she was a friend or associate of mine, simply because she was on my friends list at the time?

15) Are you aware that Shillby made a video production trying to imply that I was a paedophile protector because this woman happened to be on my friends list at the time even though I did not know too much about her?

16) Are you aware she was successful in overcoming charges pursued against her for a number of issues related to Watkins?

17) Are you aware she caused a certain amount of media spotlight to be shown upon the actions of the police that could be classed as unfavourable?

18) Do you think there is any chance that at the time certain people who may have been employed by the state may have wanted to attack anyone they thought may be connected to that woman?

19) Are you aware that Roydon James Jones obtains administrative assistance and support from government agencies?

20) Are those agencies the police and other branches of law enforcement?

21) Are you aware that Roydon Jimmy Jones made a radio appearance on an Alternative Media show, hosted by Mr. Maguire?

22) Are you aware that on that show he stated he had been threatened?

23) Are you aware that on that show, he tried to imply that threat was made by certain people who are associated with Chris Spivey’s website?

24) Are you aware that he stated people were going to tie him up, shoot him with a crossbow and put acid in his eyes on that radio show?

25) Are you aware that the allegations Jones made on that radio show were previously posted on OUTLAW blog by Jones in an attempt to discredit myself?

26) Are you aware that the contents of the threat were taken from the discussion I had with the Troll known as Shillby Shill?

27) Are you aware that I was threatened again by Shillby Shill?

28) Are you aware that Shillby Shill told me he knew where I lived and was coming to my home with several of his friends?

29) Are you aware that the threats to which Jones alluded, are taken directly from the discussions with Shillby Shill that I made public and Jones then proceeded to publish on his website?

30) Are you aware that Jones stated categorically that he and myself had a previous interaction whereby I am supposed to have threatened him?

31) Are you aware that these threats were exactly the same as what he had described on his previous radio appearance, published on his website and that they were the ones that formed part of a discussion between myself and Shillby Shill?

32) Are you aware of several requests I made to Facebook regarding copies of the dialogue that took place on the previously mentioned accounts and specifically those that included discussions initiated by Shillby towards myself?

33) Are you aware that I said this because I was acknowledging of the gravity of the situation?

34) Are you aware that Facebook completely ignored my several requests?

35) Are you now aware who Shillby Shill is?

36) Are you aware there is an account on Facebook called James Jones that claims to be Shilby Shill?

37) Are you aware that the named account has contacted the Fabooka De Stait Community Page?

38) Are you aware that the named account has issued several threats towards the Fabooka De Stait Community page and more specifically myself?

39) Are you aware that the named account has recently stated that he shot someone dead in Manchester?

40) Are you aware of the person he claims to have shot?

There will be more to follow.

You now need to visit the Google+ Page of the user Fabooka De Stait. Which you really should have examined thoroughly as it is being left for posterity.

Notice To Greater Manchester Police. Part 2:

Several members of the Chris Spivey team have been involved in a long running dispute that has been taking place with Roydon Jones and his online partner, who is meant to be female and goes by the name of Jane Russell and who also uses the Facebook name of Sarah Larner. This dispute really got underway over 15 months ago, when the Chris Spivey site suffered a lot of technical and operational difficulties due to the involvement of Jones by way of him supplying (supposedly out of friendship) a computer technical adviser. After his involvement the site came under sustained DDOS attack - the likes of which would be carried out by bodies with a large amount of resources at their disposal. Given the nature of what is projected on the Chris Spivey website and the number of readers who are mostly receptive to the topics that are covered, it would be fair to say that the kinds of people who would attempt to implement such an attack would be those who would like to see it closed down or prevented from expressing its collective opinion on a variety of politically oriented topics.

Section 2.

1) Were you, as a large constabulary, aware of the Chris Spivey website around 15 months ago?

2) Are you aware of the technical difficulties the site encountered?

3) Are you aware of the services obtained via Roydon Jones that happened to be disastrous for the site?

4) Are you aware of the name of the security technician supplied by Jones?

5) Are you aware that the technician later informed Chris Spivey that Jones was assisted by the National Crime Agency?

6) Are you aware that Roydon Jones and Jane Russell embarked on a campaign of unsubstantiated and most vile abuse that was directed and still is directed at members of the Chris Spivey website?

7) Are you aware of the content of this abuse by way of its depraved and most disturbing nature?

8) Are you aware that the abuse is focused around sexual activities that may be illegal?

9) More specifically, are you aware that these allegations revolve around aspects of bestiality and paedophilia?

10) Are you aware that Roydon Jones and Jane Russell are deeply intertwined with many cases of historical abuse in this country by way of voicing their opinions on OUTLAW blog and elsewhere?

11) Are you aware that many people who have been victims of abuse have had to come together in various locations in order to overcome further abuses from stalkers and vicious detractors?

12) Are you aware that many of these "Survivors" have stated with intent that those who have attacked or attempted to undermine their terrible stories from that past are Roydon Jones and Jane Russell?

13) Are you aware that Roydon Jones has been accused of setting up several websites in order to discredit many people and to publish abuse?

14) Are you aware that Roydon Jones and Jane Russell have accused those involved with this site of having been long-term partners or affiliates of those who are involved in certain aspects of historic child abuse?

15) Are you aware that these accusations are false?

16) Are you aware of the chief administrator of the Chris Spivey website who goes by the username, Dogman?

17) Are you aware that Dogman once felt sorry for Roydon Jones and offered him help and support when he claimed he was a victim of multiple online attacks?

18) Are you aware of that fact that Dogman allowed Roydon Jones to obtain information with regards to his identity?

19) Are you aware that this identity was in the form of a photograph?

20) Are you aware that this photograph then turned up on a site that was designed so as to attack and make wicked accusations against several members of the Chris Spivey website?

21) Who do you think was responsible for this act of deceit and deliberate provocation?

There will be more to follow.

Notice to Greater Manchester Police: Part 3.

During the course of several interactions with Roydon Jones and Jane Russell a.k.a. Sarah Larner, whereby they have constantly defamed members of Chris Spivey's website by way of online attack, I have been most effective in eroding many of their spurious, venomous and totally unwarranted accusations. Be aware that all websites experience a certain amount of "Trolling" and "Spamming" so as to waste administration time or in order to try and annoy people. Most of the time this is to be expected and can come from a variety of sources. Take note that the Chris Spivey website has long been the recipient of such activities; however, a lot of these postings were far more sinister and were specifically directed towards individual moderators and Chris himself by way of references that have appeared on websites that are apparently connected to Roydon Jones. A lot of the time they used terminology and possessed idiosyncratic clues to suggest they were coming from the same source. So, it also needs to be appreciated that some of them were originating from North Wales and would then pop to another location around the country, but with basically the same grammatical structure.

Despite all of this abuse and the constant threats, we as a team felt more than secure in ourselves as well as being able to handle the somewhat erratic mentality that was directed towards us.

Now, hopefully as a result of your actions and my responses, I should have your attention.

Some of the things I am going to illustrate are not highly complex, but for some reason they do seem to be beyond the mental capabilities of certain people like Roydon Jones and Sarah Larner.

If any of you lot who are members of the aforementioned constabulary or any other, have difficulty with the following concepts, I suggest you invite some of your technical advisers to make it easier as they talk you through it at your own pace, as it is very, very important.

1) Are you aware of possible inferences and contextual applications of the word, Fuck?

2) Do you appreciate that if someone has a constant stream of very serious allegations and abuse directed towards them unnecessarily, and that those accusations have been documented that they may need warn the person who, out of sheer spite, keeps on goading them?

3) If the above was the case, and someone who was being constantly attacked, advised the person who kept doing it that they may end up getting fucked, would you take that as a sexual reference?

4) Don't forget that we are talking in relation to somebody who has been hurling abuse, whilst all of the time they have stated in several places that they have been threatened even though they claim not to be the person whom the supposed threat was directed at.

5) If that statement to fuck someone because of the very serious nature of their activities was in the form of a comment posted to their website, would you say the statement is transferable, so as to be used simultaneously on the intended recipient, his female friend and then into the bargain in a sexual manner?

6) Are you aware of the basic concepts of financial security?

7) Are you aware of credit card security?

8) Are you aware that if somebody found a credit card in the street and it has a four digit pin number, that if they wanted to try and use it, they would only have a 1 in 10,000 chance of being successful?

9) Can you appreciate that as stated above, for any card that has the name of the holder and other details on it, that to physically put it in the wall, somebody with no knowledge of the code would have a 1 in 10,000 chance of obtaining money by deception?

10) Do you appreciate that this 1 in 10,000 chance of success is a good enough level of security for the world's largest financial institutions?

11) Do you appreciate that somebody could send spam to any website in the world with any name and any e.mail address, by way of a proxy server and the website would not really know where it came from?

12) Do you appreciate that any person in the world could send spam to a website and use the name "fuck the state?"

13) Do you appreciate that the sender could use the name "fuck the state" in combination with any e.mail address and the website would not really know if it was the genuine "fuck the state?"

14) Do you appreciate that if a website received a comment from myself and I verified it elsewhere, that they would know it was genuine?

15) Do you appreciate that if I sent a genuine comment to a website that I could still send numerous others by way of different names, e.mail addresses and a proxy and they would not really know if it was fuck the state?

16) Do you appreciate that even if I used the name "fuck the state" that they would not really know whether it was myself, if it had a different e.mail address associated with it?

17) Do you appreciate that I acknowledged sending a comment to Jones, that suggested he had best refrain from his continual defamation of myself?

18) Given that the credit card security is based on chances of 10,000 to 1 - do you realise what the chances of receiving a sporadic comment back are with those exact same details, if it was not from myself?

19) Do you realise that those chances are several billion to one?

20) Do you realise I was very annoyed when I saw the comment on Jones site that was a death threat and that rambled like a deluded child with my name on it?

21) Do you realise I wondered who would do such a thing?

22) Do you realise I was of the opinion the person who sent it must be very sick in the head?

23) Do you appreciate that Jones posted this comment on his site but was only alluding to the possibility of it coming from myself?

24) Do you appreciate my jubilation when I had my eureka moment and realised it had my name on it and had the very same e.mail address that had been used by myself?

25) Do you appreciate that by using the exact same details that Jones had mathematically locked himself into the position of it coming from him or myself?

26) Do you appreciate that I did not send that message?

27) Do you appreciate my downright anger and rage, as the jubilation started to wane?

28) Do you appreciate why North Wales Police at Wrexham, Wrexham Town Hall and around thirty addresses in Bran received correspondence highlighting what Jones was?

29) Do you realise you have stated that Jones works with yourselves?

30) Do you realise I was aware of the fact that Jones works for yourselves?

31) Do you think I would have obtained justice by unveiling my identity over the act and approaching law enforcement given what has previously transpired?

There will be more to follow.

Notice To Greater Manchester Police. Part 4:

Given that we have established several facts about Royden Jones and his nature, it is important to stress that nothing with regards to himself is how he would like it to appear. It also needs to be understood that he co-operates with (the woman?) who goes by the name of Jane Russell and who also uses the name Sarah Larner on Facebook.

Jones has actually been suspected of operating on behalf of someone else, by numerous people, myself included, for at least two years. These suspicions were aroused due to his many inconsistencies and his regular posting of views that were seen as a possible smokescreen in order to prevent scrutiny being applied upon several infamous individuals and their alleged and sometimes, substantiated activities.

Also be aware that several of my fellow moderators and myself were of the opinion Jones had infiltrated our site as not only himself, but by way of gaining access to moderator status via another account. After we had set about investigating this possibility, the account that we suspected of not being quite right, did indeed appear to have something that resembled a mental breakdown which led to the very strange situation whereby it went over to Jones's OUTLAW blog and made all kinds of strange and incoherent statements.

1) Are you aware that our suspect moderator claimed to be from Liverpool?

2) Are you aware that after he was gently probed by way of several dozen references to Liverpool that he left our site?

3) Are you aware that when Shillby got in touch with myself by way of private messaging on Facebook, that despite him not knowing who I am or where I am from, he referred to me as "Scouse?"

4) Do you now appreciate the fact that Jones has admitted to being Shillby, by way of not only stating that warnings issued to Shillby were directed towards himself, but also by way of stating with absolute clarity, in completely unambiguous terms that he and myself had a "previous interaction" whereby I am supposed to have threatened him with the same words used to Shillby after his contacting of myself with numerous threats and a variety of disgusting and offensive statements that referred to paedophilia and bestiality?

5) Are you aware of a man named Darren Laverty?

6) Are you aware that Royden Jones claims to be victimized by Darren Laverty?

7) Are you aware that Darren Laverty's wife has had her personal life and business attacked by Roydon Jones and Jane Russell via completely false allegations of a most disgusting nature, that could lead her to fear for her personal and financial security, despite the fact she has nothing to with anyone involved in any of this very disturbing situation?

8) Are you aware that Darren Laverty and myself do not actually know each other?

9) Are you aware that we have only spoken via online interaction on around a dozen separate occasions?

10) Are you aware that on or around the end of July or beginning of August 2015, that Roydon Jones posted a photograph in several locations on the internet that was taken right outside Mrs. Laverty's place of work, which I am told is in a remote part of Snowdonia?

11) Are you aware that after speaking to Mr. Laverty, I posted this image on the Fabooka De Stait Community page, so as to highlight the contradictions in many of Jones's accusations?

12) Do you appreciate that if Mr. Jones was meant to be in fear or worried about Mr. Laverty, that the last thing he would do is goad him by way of appearing right outside his wife's place of work and posting it online?

13) Are you aware that the photograph posted by OUTLAW and subsequently by myself had a watermark that related to copyright on it?

14) Are you aware that I was banned by Facebook for over a week after posting this photograph, due to a claim of Copyright infringement?

15) Are you aware of who made the claim, and are you aware who the Copyright holder is?

16) Are you aware that Roydon Jones says he does not view the Chris Spivey website?

17) Are you aware that Roydon Jones is affiliated with The Kent Freedom Movement?

18) Are you aware that Roydon Jones and Kent Freedom Movement have made many allegations against Chris Spivey and his website and his moderator team?

19) Are you aware that despite claiming to not view the contents of Chris Spivey's website, that Roydon Jones tried most desperately to convince his friends that I was stating that a child aged around two years of age should be burned to death?

20) Do you realise that his most disgusting and desperate act was carried out by way of copying a comment made in jest by myself on the Chris Spivey website?

21) Do you realise that the child mentioned was a public figure, and namely Royalty in the form of Prince George, and I was laughing about a photograph from a national newspaper that appeared to show his hand as a claw?

22) Are you aware of the comedic phrase, "kill it with fire?"

23) Are you aware that this phrase is often used in order to emphasize something that may be appearing as abnormal or visually unpleasant, as in if you viewed something abnormal, you may say something along the lines of "Arrrrgghh!!!, Kill it with fire?"

24) Do you think anyone in their right mind, would genuinely believe or try to portray part of a joke as a serious statement of intent by way of either not grasping the context or taking it out of context on purpose?

25) Do you appreciate I severely ridiculed Jones over his actions with regards to his statement to the Kent Freedom Movement?

26) Do you realise that I severely ridiculed Jones on multiple occasions in the couple of weeks prior to his post on the Kent Freedom Movement Facebook page?

27) Do you realise that he posted that particular comment just a day or so before posting himself the rambling and most disgusting death threat?

28) Do you appreciate the fact that Jones despises myself because I chastise him in regards to many stupid mistakes that he makes due to his previous actions towards myself?

29) Given that you have already admitted that Jones works on behalf of law enforcement, would you say it is best practice to have someone like Jones, claiming to be a member of what is loosely known as the " Alternative Media?"

30) If for example Jones was mentally unstable, whose interests would best be served by way of allowing him outwardly appear to run his OUTLAW blog?

32) Given that you have admitted that Jones works for yourselves as part of his therapy, would you say that he is mentally stable?

33) Are you aware that Jones has been previously diagnosed with multiple personality disorder?

34) Are you aware that Jones has been previously diagnosed as an acute fantasist?

35) Given the above, it appears that you are quite happy for Jones to carry on doing what he is doing and acting in the manner he has been acting for some time, along with his online partner, Jane Russell. Would you therefore say that assumption would be correct, given that you categorically state that he works with and on behalf of yourselves?

36) Do you realise that at the time of my ban, which related to copyright issues over Royden Jones's photograph, that Chris Spivey was being lambasted in a most ignorant and unfair manner by the national press?

37) Are you aware that I did an article called "The Crown Of Thorns" in support of him, and that it was quite effective in refuting the malicious allegations made against him in the national press?

38) Are you aware that whilst banned from Facebook, that the several-thousand-word article was quietly removed from the Fabooka De Stait Community page?

39) Are you aware that the following article which related to allegations against the former and now deceased Prime Minister, Ted Heath, was also removed?

40) Are you aware that these articles were removed with no warning, explanation or reasoning being given by Facebook?

41) Are you aware that Jones promotes the view that Ted Heath and Jimmy Savile are nowhere near as bad as what the general public may now believe them to have been?

42) If we take it as stated that Jones works for yourselves and others who are higher up the ladder than your average police officer; who advises or directs what he posts on his site and in a multitude of other locations?

43) Given that we now know without doubt regarding the nature of Jones and that he is employed by certain branches of government, and in particular, law enforcement; what checks and measures are implemented to make sure he does not do or attempt to do what he has undoubtedly been doing for several years with your help and support?

There will be more to follow.

Notice To Greater Manchester Police. Part 5:

Over the course of at least the last 12 months, Roydon Jones and Jane Russell have been responsible for numerous unsubstantiated attacks against Chris Spivey, myself and other moderators from the Chris Spivey website. Often these attacks have been based around how the website survives on donations, as well as a multitude of far more serious and personal attacks relating to sexual practices with the intention of implying that certain people are paedophiles or paedophile protectors or that they may even have a desire to engage in bestiality. Obviously none of these scathing attacks are true and in a lot of cases they are untrue with respect to other people that Jones and Russell have involved or have been attacking elsewhere across the Internet.

Given that it is now established fact that Roydon James Jones is involved with government agencies, I fear that these type of activities are rather alarming, and as many of them are actually criminal in nature I was wondering who sanctions and oversees such types of activity.

1) If Roydon James Jones has stated on Channel 4 News that he was only in the Bryn Estyn care home for a short while, and that whilst there he only heard stories of abuse, of what significance is he to the authorities in that he is working with them on certain aspects of those cases of institutionalized abuse, especially in relation to cases at Bryn Estyn?

2) Given that Roydon James Jones has been diagnosed with several mental health problems, some of which include the fact that he is an acute fantasist, could it be the case that he is allowed to project his fantasies and may in fact be guided by the authorities who oversee his disturbing activities, by way of him publishing them on OUTLAW blog and elsewhere?

3) Are you aware of an article that was titled "Call A Spade A Shovel" and that it was published on the Facebook page of Christopher D Spivey around August last Year?

4) This article alluded to many failings that were attributed to the National Crime Agency in respect of failure to apprehend many paedophiles and suspected paedophiles who had given financial details in order to obtain material. The failings were common knowledge and widely broadcast via the national media, which led me to ask how innocent people could be pursued with vigour by such agencies having committed no crime, when at the same time they simply sat on "hard evidence" obtained from Canadian Authorities for over a year, and then the police forces to whom they eventually handed the information did exactly the same thing.

4) Do you have any knowledge of that article and the fact it was highly critical of the head of the National Crime Agency?

5) Are you aware of another article that was published on the same Facebook page that was highly critical of Sir Peter Fahy?

6) Do yourselves and other government agencies accept that speed would be of the essence when trying to apprehend child abusers or prevent further instances of child abuse?

7) If you suspected someone of being a paedophile as a result of their online activities, would you and the National Crime Agency, with all of your combined resources, wait for whole year before trying to apprehend them?

8) Do you accept that if this was the case with someone who was a genuine danger to children, that they could have carried out a variety of crimes during such a delay?

9) Are you aware that the Facebook account that was associated with e.mail address, that posted the Nan Goldin photograph, apparently in December 2014, in order to highlight inconsistency and double standards has been deactivated for around a year?

10) Are you aware that at that time, I was once again engaged in reprimanding Royden James Jones in a very severe manner across Facebook and in several other locations?

11) Who prompted the interest of the agencies involved at this time, to observe that account and approach Facebook on the basis of the posting of that image?

12) Are you aware that the image is legal?

13) Are you aware that the image was owned by Elton John, was hanging in a prestigious gallery and was classed by many people as art?

14) Would it be fair to say that as a result of these factors that the image could best be described as open to interpretation dependent upon your outlook?

15) Would it be fair to say that the image may be classed as somewhat unsavoury, but perhaps not exactly indecent?

16) Are you aware that Mr.Chris Spivey has also been maliciously pursued for using this image to highlight the tastes of Elton John?

17) Did the branches of law enforcement who approached Facebook have anything to do with Roydon James Jones?

18) Was their interest raised as a result of contact from other persons in other agencies that are connected to Roydon James Jones?

19) When exactly did the agencies involved approach Facebook and when did Facebook release details of the I.P. address that is meant to correspond to the posting of that image?

20) Why did Facebook agree to do this without issuing any form of warning or stating that the image may be offensive or indecent, given their highly rigorous enforcement of nudity or sexual images?

There will be more to follow

Monday, 2 November 2015

Where where you 3 years ago?

Hasn't time flown? What you doing three years ago to this day? I was holed up in a 4star hotel celebrating our 20th anniversary. I switched on the TV and watched Mr S Messham state that he'd been sexually abused by Lord McAlpine.

Newsnight  and the TBIJ fired the first salvo in an ongoing war between the state and the media over which side holds the other to account on the subject of child sexual abuse. Neither have won and neither will win. There are no winners in this war except the abusers.

Alongside the televised and printed version of events was the on line campaign via twitter, facebook and blogsphere. We had never seen anything even similar in recent decades. Millions of words and pictures from thousands of people all over the world were involving themselves in this "war" against VIP paedophilia and institutional abuse of children. Time scales for investigations dated back to the 1950's.

As an ex resident of the care system during the 1970's and 1980's my perspective on matters was from the inside. Unlike the million others falsely claiming attachment to the subject, I was attached. I'd had involvement since 1978 when I first entered the system as a ten year old. Thirty five years later I was re-introduced to a world of psychopaths, narcissists and sociopaths. All of which ran the care system I grew up in. Today, three years later I can state that I've seen more of societies craziest people than most will ever see in their life time.

Many of the latter are well paid, considered professional by some, educated and hold an audience of many thousands. Their bile is printed, spoken about and shared on line. In addition to these cranks are the pawns they use. The lower end of the information supply line. The fame seekers, the glory hunters and the plain out right liars who suffer from attachment disorders of many kinds. Most are chosen for their vulnerability by suggestive so-called professionals. Television companies, printed media and on line journalistic types who've failed in the main stream information outlets. There are just too many to mention. A simple search of Google on the subject will bring the main characters to the forefront.

As a result of the past three years we are no closer to holding the state to account for the previous abusive systems than we were 30 years ago. We haven't moved forward one inch with the prevention of child abuse in all its guises. I'd argue we've moved backwards. The deniers of abuse have gained a strong hold on social media and the internet. The majority of these types are in the twilight of their lives and have the most spare time to spend sharing and reinforcing their perspectives. Most deny that abuse occurred on the scale that's claimed. Their support of the system's failures is evident in the millions of words they scrawl every minute of every day. I've learned who and where to avoid if one is to gain any sort of honest insight into the truth about institutional child abuse in the UK.

I could list the myriad of ongoing enquiries, investigations and or 'exposures' but what would be the point? Who cares? Few in my experience. What of Mr Messham? Last I heard he was on medication and on twitter. He took to ranting and using caps lock. Or so the public are led to believe. When the account answers my question about a certain issue I'll believe it's him. Thus far I've seen hundreds of Internet accounts created for nothing other than to disrupt, discredit and to cause confusion about child abuse. I'm in no doubt this will continue to be the case for the long term future. Will you be part of it? I'm not sure if my own contribution has helped or hindered the subject. But what I will say is this- I survived the system in real life, I'm pretty certain I can survive the system in cyber life.

I'll leave you with these reminders of the lengths the media and it's minions will go to create and or fabricate evidence which has been proven to be nothing more than lie upon lie upon lie. The media haven't stopped lying, the liars haven't stopped lying and the lies haven't stopped flowing. As a criminologist I've studied body language of humans and their ability to disguise the truth. I invite you to try it.

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You are not a criminologist - you are a criminal. Dipstick. Don't start this battle because it's not one you'll win. You're not a survivor.