Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Disclosure or Deceit?

Imagine discovering that a National Newspaper had supplied an un-dated, fabricated/conflated confidential and contested affidavit to try and assist with having me locked up. The very same affidavit that was put forward as an excuse for publishing that I was a gang rapist and abuser of children. There's no date, there's no official legal recognition and it has a dodgy signature. 
Then try to imagine an e-mail which confirmed the sharing of such an affidavit by the reader's editor of the newspaper was deleted from the unused material supplied by the prosecution/police to the defence side in a criminal case. Could happen, could it? Watch this space

Oops, nearly forgot. Then try also to imagine that the Information Commissioners Office found that the paper had breached at least three of the Data Protection Act's regulations by sharing the affidavit.


Traditionally, awards in data protection cases have been low: before 2014 the greatest award for distress in an English reported case was £750 with a nominal £1 being awarded for financial loss (Halliday v Creation Consumer Finance4). Contrast this with awards in privacy cases, such as in the leading case of Gulati & Ors v MGN Limited5 (confirmed by the Court of Appeal in Representative Claimants v MGN Limited6), where the court awarded various celebrities who were victims of phone hacking between £72,500 and £260,250 to compensate for the distress they had suffered.

The issue for defendant solicitors, where a claimant solicitor conflates claims for misuse of private information and breach of data protection obligations, is reconciling the level of awards for distress in the leading privacy cases with awards for distress in DPA cases.
from here
Data Protection Act Breaches

Monday, 8 January 2018

Mark Watts-Exaro

A year ago this week Watts was bragging that he knew what was about to happen the next day. I remember it well for other domestic reasons too. I also remember the e-mail I received to inform me that one of my defense witnesses computer equipment had been seized in an early morning over the top police raid at his home. The reason put to the magistrates for the warrant was an accusation similar to to the one I was accused of, stalking. I'll leave aside the details of the ongoing inquiries into the actions of the individuals from the Metropolitan police. Be sure to look out for Watt's take on any findings.

Let's focus on the tweet. Watts openly states that he knew something was going to happen the day after the tweet, ergo, he'd been privy to information from a source. The said source can only be chosen from a few. I'm not going to speculate who it was because, quite simply, I choose not to. Watts was gloating and his inner childish instincts more or less forced him, to shout across the playground that Twitter is for him and his ilk. He could not stop himself. He's always been the same child that has made mountains out of molehills. Probably since he learned to talk. Look at the history of Exaro. Take a look at how the myriad of fake stories was "leaked" to the public via Watts. He lights the gossip firework fuse and runs away. As with all the other bits of shit, he's fed his minions there was no substance to the allegations my witness was accused of. But, but now they had his computer kit. Oh and how those associated with Watts grinned. They chomped at the bit for weeks afterward. Exactly as they did after my initial arrest. They chewed relentlessly until there was no taste left. Nothing followed. The criminal justice system said no. They returned his kit and life goes on. Although simplified, that is actually what's happened. Others who also volunteered to assist my defense also bore the brunt of much abuse. It's as if no-one on the Wattopoly game board wanted me to have a defense. Go straight to jail. The CJS said no to that also.

The year that's passed has been one to remember. It's certainly worth a chapter in my bio one day. Maybe two. Watt's has been shoveled on to a shit pile alongside all the others that were on the Pendry
payroll. You can smell it if you're ever in the Square Mile of the City of London. You'd need a shit-proof lifeboat pretty damn quick if you fell into that OCEAN of shit.

There's far more on offer online about Watts than I could ever even begin to think about sharing. He simply isn't worth it, as far as I'm concerned from this point he's zero. Goodnight

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Heroin vs Facebook

Someone I've known for forty years died recently from a heroin overdose. I posted a poem about
heroin addiction on Facebook. The poem was chosen from 800,000 Google results.

I'm now blocked from posting for 30 days because I posted the poem. As authoritarian as it gets I think.

The offending poem.

King Heroin is my shepherd; I shall always want.
He maketh me to lie down in the gutter.
He leadeth me beside the troubled waters.
He destroyeth my soul.
He leadeth me in the paths of wickedness.
Yea, I shall walk through the valley of poverty and will fear no evil, for thou, Heroin, are with me.
Thy needle and capsule comfort me.
Thou strippest the table of groceries in the presence of my family.
Thou robbest my head of reason.
My cup of sorrow runneth over.
Surely heroin addiction shall stalk me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the House of the Damned forever.

Friday, 5 January 2018

Feel Fantastic Friday (FFF)

Ask around. Lots of folks are able to shine a light on this post. 

The Tide is definitely Turning

Tuesday, 2 January 2018


Ha fucking ha to all you idiots who thought I'd be spending this New Year in clink. Same to those who are still trying to convince the public that I'm active on Twitter. Spesh the barrister Sarah Stupidmoreandmore and the other harridan Min Grob who are two of the stupidest people that ever walked (crawled) on planet earth. I'm glad you think it's me on the anonymous account. It evidences your absolute idiocy. Two short planks couldn't be more an appropriate description.

As for the trolls/bots/idiots who engage with the plankettes-I hope each and all suffer greatly in 2018. I look forward to seeing pictures of your medication and fake suicide attempts, pmsl. Harsh? Good. It's supposed to be. After all what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Each and all of those who tried to stitch me up deserve nothing more than a life-time of misery and rejection. I don't expect the law to deal with you because I believe the law has assisted you thus far. All the evidence seems to support my assertions. The police, the Observer and others involved with setting me up to fall, failed. This will always be the case. Good always beats evil in my experience. And evil is certainly what the former and latter are.

I've endured more attempts to destroy me than any of my haters could ever imagine. And I'm still standing. You've made me and mine stronger, fitter and faster than you could ever have believed. What's been forgotten by my haters? My roots. My time in care, my pain and the time spent recovering. I'm a veteran of this shit and you're not even in training yet.

So keep banging your thick skulls on the keyboard, keep on sharing the rape lies, keep up with the plankettes vomiting on their screens and think of me. I'll probably be on the coastline or in the garden. That is when I'm not working at exposing those who tried to have me silenced.

Oh and as for trying to keep me away from the IICSA  fat Al-keep trying. Does anyone really think a twitter robot account has any effect on real-life events? Ha honestly this shit writes itself. ( please feel free to search the Observer archives for the article that five bellies fat Al shares so incessantly.  Hint, you won’t find it as it has been removed. Now ask yourself why a national newspaper would remove an article from its archives if it was genuine and above board? Fat Al is forever sharing newspaper archives. So why has he never shared the actual archived article he blabs on about? Maybe fat Al can tell us? Or even better provide a link. Search term should include the headline which was “Tearaway terrorised for six years”, It was published on 13 September 1992 and the names provided at the time of the alleged authors were David Rose and Brian Johnson Thomas)

(It's been more than a day now and despite retweeting this blog fat Al hasn't been able to provide any links to the article he relies on. He's not even mentioned it apart from one tweet. Cat got tongue Mr Blobby?)

The really best bit of last year? John Hemming's blog. Back of the fucking net. Second best bit? Knowing that a certain "documentary" was never going to materialise as it was all fake and fraudulent. I did say, didn't I?

To those others who live in the real world. Happy New Year.

Thursday, 30 November 2017


It's been brought to my attention that there are a few imbeciles on Twitter who have been attempting to drag me into the pit within which they all dwell. I've taken a look and after I managed to stop laughing I thought I'd just post this entry for clarification.

Firstly, the account's syntax-ask yourselves idiots-is this Laverty's syntax? Anyone who has ever read anything I've ever written will know it isn't. It's not even similar.

Secondly. The account is far to polite to even come close to being me. Again anyone will know that I write as I speak and I don't speak that politely.

Thirdly. I would need to be on Twitter to be that account. Quite simply, I'm not. Pricks. I got my life back. I managed to do something incomprehensible to those accusing me of being that account-I closed my account and walked away from Twitter.

Finally. Thanks to the account for such an entertaining show of humour, knowledge and history. It's bang on with everything it says and hopefully it will continue to rip the shit out of all those in it's cross hairs. I don't attend to it that often but when I do I always find myself coughing with laughter. I know others do too.

Should anyone feel the need to have a look, I recommend it. If the account holder gets to read this could you confirm what I've written above? Muchus thankus.