Thursday, 17 August 2017

Observer Newspaper.The Fog is Evaporating

No need to overload you with any of the details. The Information Commissioner's Office concluded this-

"Guardian has stated that it provided the affidavit to Ms ******* to pass on to the Crown Prosecution Service (‘CPS’) as she “was likely to be in close contact with the CPS about the case and was an appropriate conduit for provision of the information to the prosecution team.” However, in our view, if Guardian considered disclosure to CPS was necessary for the above purposes, it could have disclosed the information directly to CPS, rather than through Ms *******. As it would appear disclosure to Ms ******* was not necessary for the purpose Guardian suggests (as this purpose could be achieved through disclosure directly to CPS), Section 29(1)(b) would not apply; Guardian would therefore need to ensure the disclosure to Ms ******* was fair. Similarly, in order for Section 35(2)(a) to apply, the disclosure to Ms ******* would need to be ‘necessary’ for the purpose of legal proceedings. As it would appear Guardian could rather have disclosed the information to CPS, it cannot be said that disclosure to Ms ******* was necessary. Again, as it appears this exemption would not apply".

"In order for the processing personal data to be fair, data controllers should (amongst other things) ensure that they only process personal data in ways the data subject(s) would reasonably expect. In this case, we do not consider that you would reasonably expect Guardian to provide Ms ******* with a copy of the affidavit and your views on the matter. Therefore the disclosure was unfair and a breach of the DPA". (ICO, 17.08.2017)

The Guardian/Observer attempted to worm out of their behaviour by relying on certain sections of the Data Protection Act. They squirmed and riddled and twisted the wording of the Act. Why would they go to such lengths? One excuse was that they considered my stalker/accuser of being "an appropriate conduit for the CPS". What a mental excuse! You couldn't make this shit up. What it does evidence is the fact that the paper wanted me silenced. They would do just about anything to shut me up. Stephen Pritchard (Readers Editor) also suggested the removal of my YouTube video's about the fabricated/conflations/obfuscatory affidavit. Failure to do so may end up with legal action, he suggested. Not by the Observer but by anyone who features in them, like David Rose for instance.
Bullies with legal backing can try all they wish to silence me. They will fail at every juncture. Each time they put me on my arse I'll get right back up and carry on the fight to clear my name from the heinous allegations levelled at me. As many of you know by now, I'm quite a tough cookie.

Don't anyone think for one minute this about financial gain. I live the life of a millionaire. That's another massive problem for the Guardian/Observer. I want a jury to hear this case, civil or criminal. I want the author's apologies and I want public retractions and corrections. Once I achieve my aims, I'll be content. Update ends.


I've recently been supplied with a hard copy of an e-mail shared by the readers editor of the Observer Newspaper to a false stalking victim who was/is an accuser of mine. Within said mail Stephen Pritchard admits to sharing my email conversations and also to sharing a confidential affidavit that has been challenged by me for the past few years. That's right, you read it right, Pritchard admits to obtaining the document from the police and then shares it with a member of the public whose only intentions for use were undoubtedly malicious. And he's done so despite knowing that I've challenged the authenticity of the document.

Unlucky for the Met too is the fact that when they handed over the unused material, as is common for any contested trial, they failed to include this particular e-mail. They supplied three mails from 14th October 2016 but not the one mentioned above. Sounds a bit like a conspiracy doesn't it?

From what I've seen so far it looks very much like there's been a concerted effort by north Wales police, the Met and Merseyside police to have me convicted and imprisoned . To end my on line activities and to shut me up for good. Why would they choose to do so?

I'm of the mind that I've been specifically targeted and chosen as a ringleader of a non existent gang. Others who opted to help me defend any allegations have also been targeted by the police and associates of those who made false allegations about being stalked. The fog is evaporating as time passes. The Observer have (due to a successful application for an extension) until the 11th August to justify their actions. The IPCC and the ICO(Information Commissioner's Office) are dealing with certain aspects of this issue. The courts may end up dealing with other aspects of it.

In short then. I have indisputable evidence of the Observer handing over a contested undated document to a member of the public. Said document was shared on the 14th October 2016. It was then shared with the Met police who then shared it with the CPS. The Observer claim the document was obtained from north Wales police in January 2016. According to the the police they have no knowledge of said document. Why ask me for a copy if they have it already? Emails from the unused bundle include three mails from the 14th October 2016 but not the specific one from Stephen Pritchard to the false accuser. This damning email is produced in the hard copies of evidence that was to be used at any potential trial. It arrived with other hard copy evidence. I wasn't supposed to have sight of it at any time. When approached by myself about the sharing of my private/confidential personal data, Stephen Pritchard stated that he wasn't prepared to discuss the matter any further.

Keep watching. The fog can't hide this forever.

Must I at length the Sword of Justice draw?
Oh curst Effects of necessary Law!
How ill my Fear they by my Mercy scan,
Beware the Fury of a Patient Man.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Daily Post Fake News

The North Wales Daily Post ran a story today. It was a complete and utter fake news story. It can be found here

After some deliberations I thought I'd have a quick look around to see what's what. Low and behold, the main character of the story is a good friend of the fool who thought he could get away with such a blatant abuse of our intelligence. Some of you know I've had dealings with this piece of shit fake newspaper before. I usually allow it to pass, but this one was just too in my face to allow a pass. 
I might update this entry as time passes with more of the same. Why not?

Screen shot of my comment on their site(just in case it doesn't make it in) pmsl

Update. As expected the paper refused to allow my post. Totalitarian? Much.

Total Eclipse of the Sun

Thursday, 10 August 2017

50th Birthday celebrations

Unable to describe my joy at seeing this. What a gift, what a guy. Love you Faddy

Monday, 7 August 2017

Barbara Hewson gets correction from the Times rag

An online friend and legal advisor has finally managed to obtain a few corrections from the Times Newspaper. Sarah Phillimore who is associated with stalkers who have stalked me and others for the past half a decade must now publicly apologise to Ms Hewson. If the Times can then she can.

Check out the supposed VIP rape victim and the Family barrister. No need for any words really.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

You Have Been Warned!

You Have Been Warned!

Troubled times are ahead. Make no mistake about it, this supposedly free country is now in imminent danger and we therefore have to ask the following very important question: In future are we to be ruled as slaves?

The British as a people no longer possess the ability to demonstrate our own reasoning or espouse our own values and traditions, especially if what we can see to be the obvious truth goes against the pernicious system that has been implemented by our oppressors.

Everyone needs to wake up very quickly and accept the glaring reality that domination of our language and heritage through the use of malicious ideologies such as political correctness does lead to the undermining of many fundamental tools we need to protect ourselves and future generations from demonic and imposing beliefs that are designed to exploit the masses via the national infrastructure and at the same time, suppress their resistance to the insidious destruction of democracy. One of the tools being constantly undermined is freedom of speech.

The ability to apply labels publicly is a major factor used by those in power and their evil accomplices to coerce and besmirch anyone, anywhere, if they do not conform. We are all at risk and something needs to be done expeditiously in order to overcome a most sinister and devious enemy of the people. It is an enemy that will not go away willingly and there is no point attempting to ignore it any longer, while hoping in vain to live illusory lives of ephemeral peace and harmony in what is rapidly becoming a methodically dismantled and redirected nation. Such an attitude will be of no use several years from now when every aspect of a meagre existence is placed under intense corporate scrutiny and the ability to feed yourself, trade or merely lend a relative some of your hard-earned invisible money is no longer possible without gaining prior consent from some official control mechanism.

This manufactured cultural decline has to stop or it has to be stopped by force if necessary: Patriotism demands it.

Contradictions abound in the current era. No state that claims to be protective and equitable can survive for any great length time with such an obvious degree of imbalance or precarious positioning of its foreign and domestic views or policies – this one will be no different. It is impossible, and in all likelihood mass internal conflict would seem to be on the not too distant horizon, unless that is, those who are in charge are very successful in their attempts to dumb-down and mislead the population. If they do succeed in their very determined efforts, which they easily could do given present levels of apathy, when the vast majority finally begin to grasp what is and what has been going on, it will be too late. Then, the potential for external conflict will have replaced the internal and everyone will be constrained to such an extent they will be left with no option but to acquiesce. For one and all it will truly be, “Game Over!”

The above is not a very happy vision of the future, it is a warning, and at that point we will have reached our final destination - that being the proverbial dystopian nightmare – there will be no turning back. It would certainly be a dire prospect if it was simply allowed to occur due to inanition or ignorance and as such, a healthy diet of awareness is the key to prevention. It is imperative that people seek to question and challenge the status quo in a more vigorous manner than they are doing at present.

There are many examples of dangerous inconsistency emanating from the dark cabal that currently presides over our society and they are all readily observable if we choose to look. It does not take too much effort or extreme levels of perception to uncover them. And yet, it seems to be a rather difficult task to find protagonists with the ability and or desire to seek them out and force such issues without fearing the consequences. Again, this is a point that has to be redressed. We should never shy away from speaking out about or against anything that could have a detrimental effect on us as individuals or a group either at the present time or in the future - we should not see our rightful place as being that of impotent captives just yet.

So what happens if we attempt to unearth some of these problems at the moment? Where should we look and what are we likely to find out about this supposedly green and pleasant land?

Saturday, 15 July 2017


Chewy time? Read it and weep.

I know it hurts. You'll just have to deal with it. Bit like I did when on the 04.27am from Bangor to Wimbledon. Wait until the whole scenario is over and try to imagine the size of the next one. You can't? Try harder.

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Friday, 26 May 2017

Stalking charges dropped against Anglesey blogger

Stalking charges dropped against Anglesey blogger
The CPS have announced they will not pursue charges against Darren Laverty
The charges against Darren Laverty have been dropped

Two charges of stalking against an Anglesey man have been dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). Darren Laverty had been due to go on trial next month, accused of online stalking.
But in a statement the CPS said there was "no longer a realistic prospect of conviction" and the charges against the father-of-three were to be dropped.
A statement from the CPS said: “Following a review of additional evidence received from the police, we have concluded that there is no longer a realistic prospect of conviction, and will not be pursuing the case.

“The court and the parties involved have been informed."