Friday, 22 November 2019

Unfortunates of life.

Just a couple of links to a couple of bloggers. I couldn't be arsed writing myself. And besides, this shit seems to write itself anyway. It's not over neither. My £1000 bill for various whilst on bail pales into insignificance when compared to these costs, and I had mine refunded too.

I've listened to the first-hand experience of folk who've spent time in Bakers' presence and to be honest, I fully concur with their offerings despite never being within 100 miles of her. To cut a long rant short, there are folk who breathe air who are known as the "unfortunates" of life. I'll leave it there.


Earlier today, I published details of the injunction/restraining order that ex-MP John Hemming has been granted restraining the conduct of Esther Baker and supporters. Shortly after publication, I was contacted by Sam Smith, author of the Matthew Hopkins blog entry referenced in my earlier article.

Monday, 11 November 2019

Light at the end of the tunnel

I did it. I friggin did it. I should have done it before but the timing was all wrong. But today was right. An office full of lads, rowdy, hard, take no shit, kind of lads. If you see us on our Xmas outing just cross over or leave the pub we enter kind of lads.

I suggested they Google me. They did. The laughter was loud, very loud. They read and watched all there was to see. All the troll's work has been wasted. The lads understood, they got it. I'm privileged to work with them, all of them. There was some apprehension when I first started work back in June but I suppose that's only natural given what I've endured over the past few years. Well not anymore. In fact, never again. My confidence has returned to almost what it was before the pigs came knocking my doors down.

As for those responsible for the content online-fuck you. Fuck yourselves with the biggest dildo you can find. One comment about a particular lying monster, the really ugly one, made me laugh to the extent I nearly peed myself, will remain with me forever. To describe her as ugly is being kind. Needless to say, it involved a rope, a boat, and a large expanse of sea.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Observer withdraw article

The End Game

I'd like to thank the ICO for their findings and dismissing the Guardians appeal on this matter. The disclosure concerned was a fabricated false and fake document which was created in or around 1991/2. My signature was forged by someone who I believe to be David Rose, (secret paedophile I am 'a former MI5 agent' who 'specialises in fixing tricky problems which are inconveniencing the more conservative parts of the Establishment – by using spin, disinformation and pure lies'.), news reporter of the year in the Society of Editors British Press Awards for 2015. He dismissed my approaches in the same year and has failed to explain to me why his name was on the article of September 1992 in which words from the fabricated document were copied from and used in the 1992 article.

The wording was such that it alleged I took part in a rape at the age of 11. There was no rape, no rape victim, and no gang rapists. There was a girl (14) who had sex with 3 boys(14,15,15)  whilst I was in the area. She consented and as far as I witnessed she enjoyed the experience. She never complained to the authorities (she was in care with me) or the police. There was no investigation because there was no crime, other than all four involved were underage. This information hasn't previously been available to the public. Neither has the fact that, the only other humans apart from those involved, who were aware of these details of the event were policemen/women from North Wales police. 

I told the police about it in August 1991. It was supposed to be in my original police statement about my time in care. Only the author of the fabricated document and the police know how it arrived in David Roses possession. My guess? It was created to discredit me as a witness against Gordon Anglesea. I could place him at Bryn Estyn and I was credible. A jury would have believed the truth from me. The police knew it and so did Anglesea's Masonic brothers. Ask yourselves this-Why, if Laverty was worth enough to feature on the same Observer piece that was spread over two pages- why wasn't he worth it enough to call as a witness at the 1994 libel trial? They couldn't afford to have me in the witness box on their behalf because they'd previously written that I was a rapist at the age of 11. Furthermore, how could the same article appear on twitter 20 years later when the archivists at from the Guardian, according to Stephen Pritchard, have stated that the archived version of the article has never been accessed? I'm happy to share the e-mail should anyone need clarification. So where did it come from? I know not. Only a select few have that knowledge. The lawyers and the heads of both the Guardian and the Observer are among that select few. 

They thought they could ruin me and Stephen Messham (who also featured in the 1992 two page spread about Gordon Anglesea). You know what happened to Steve, not once, but twice they ruined him and his mind. They never came close to doing the same to me. I was and still am too strong and tenacious to let another human ruin my mind. If you've met me you'll agree. 

The Guardians readers editor Stephen Pritchard (officially and unbelievably their ombudsmen) was contacted by or contacted Sonia Poulton on October 5th, 2016. After speaking on the telephone he disclosed the forgery with the hope of increasing my chances of conviction on fabricated malicious stalking charges. The disclosure was made via e-mail. There is no other way it could be shared because it only exists in digital form. There is no date on it and no-one has ever seen an original. That is a fact. During legal arguments, the head of legal for the Guardian couldn't deny it. Now, however, anyone could have it. Poulton gave it to the Met police, who then tried to introduce it into the prosecution as evidence of me being the kind of violent rapist stalker that Poulton was claiming to be the victim of.

Am I making this up? I shit you not, every word is fact. Then, as if that wasn't bad enough, welcome on stage Esther Baker. Forever the victim Baker lays into me. Her police statements are pure gold for a future novelist. She was clearly coached by the spooks from Exaro, by Poulton, the police (from three forces) and the Lantern crew. She goes on about me tweeting about hoisin sauce and roasting ducks and thought she could convince a jury that I was actually tweeting to her about being "spit roasted". Then she goes on to claim that she knows that the term refers to be fucked in the doggy style whilst giving a blow job. This is what I was being accused of, there's more of similar lies from Poulton. One day when I'm dead you'll get to see it all. Each and every one of my accusers can't make the truth into lies. The ones who've chosen to use the article to justify and boost their hatred of me have only given me the strength that I never knew I had. You're all to blame for this blog remaining online, all to blame for creating a more resilient Laverty than previously existed. 

Those who chose to swim alongside me against the tide have also struggled. My haters are their haters because they chose to believe and challenge what was being put out there about me. Well, thank you, haters, for introducing me to some amazing people. Without your hate and bile and lies about me, I wouldn't have been given the opportunity to have been blessed with their courage and tenacity and friendship. Long may it continue. That said, I've come across a large number of absolute nutters in the past five years too. Too many to mention. They only wanted to help but failed to understand the gravity of my situation. I hope they're reading this and beginning to understand it a bit more now. It really does read like fantasy to many because of the depths it goes to. There's far more to offer but this isn't the place. Maybe YouTube or a similar platform. You can look into my eyes and judge for yourselves.

This isn't the end of the matter. Imran Kahn QC, arguably one of the most respected QC's in the UK and further afield, has been instructed and is in the process of finalising a legal letter of intent. The letter will be arriving on certain doorsteps in the not too distant future. Rest assured it'll be made public once completed. Those who ignore Imran's declaration will face severe consequences. That's not a threat, it's a promise. Imran knows the DNA of my case and has every intention of dealing with those who continue to use the fabricated article as a weapon against me. Those who allow the publication or availability of the article are not excluded from legal action. Those residents living outside the UK but in Europe will also have to face the legal consequences. There are no borders to stop the courts from dealing with you. 

Additionally, I believe a crime has been committed by the Observer readers editor. His actions fit the crime of attempting to pervert the course of justice. Whether or not he gets charged, and based on my previous dealings with the police I don't expect he will, he has to live with the fact that the intent was there. He intended to sway the juries mind into believing I was a rapist. All based on the document that was faked, forged and fabricated by his newspaper. He involved himself in a criminal court case and intended to cause serious harm to the administration of justice. It's there in black and white. If you or I acted in the same way, we would be in front of a judge in less than five minutes. Jail would follow. 

So, for now, I'll let you digest the above. Be rest assured though, I have the comprehensive details of addresses and contact details for each and all of those who've chosen to share, publish, tweet or retweet the fabricated article. All the evidence is online. You know who you are. Be careful what you wish for. If I managed to persuade the Guardian to remove it from their archives, I can certainly manage to deal with each and every one of you individually. I won't even have to leave the house unless it's to face you in court.

Monday, 8 July 2019

Memories of Holyhead. (part 1) Alan the Mayor Williams

I was a young boy when Geoffrey Marshall died. He was one of my best pals. I think he was about 13 years old when he died. I was about 10 or 11 years old when my mother quite casually walked into my bedroom and announced, "hey your mate Geoffrey's dead". She explained that the milk float had tried to take a short cut down the footpath at the top end of Bryn Glas Close. The driver was taking a short cut to save time and Geoff had hit his head on a lamppost. I couldn't understand and made my way around the corner to see a crowd of locals looking up the footpath towards the ambulance that had arrived. "You're not allowed to go up there", one adult said. "Why?" I asked. "There's blood everywhere, and bits of brains too", came the reply. I gathered with the group of friends that were crying and walking around in circles aimlessly.

As the reality of what had happened began to sink in I started to scream and shout at the adults. "Do something, fucking do something to help him will ya". "It's too late Darren", one said. I can still hear her. It was Caroline Williams and she was a nurse. She knew me well and could see the distress on my face. "Go home to your mam Darren, she'll let you know what's happening later". I hated home and hated my mother so decided to go down Dock Mawr instead. I climbed to the top of the yellow crane and cried all day. By the time I climbed down, it was dark. I sobbed for a week. Mainly to myself but with other friends also.

I was considered too young to attend the funeral but Geoffrey's mother did allow me to see him in his coffin the night before his funeral. It's an image that has stayed with me forever since. I often think about the ifs and the whys of that morning. I was supposed to be sitting next to Geoff. We had worked on the milk round for months. It was a great job and we met many different milkmen. Fridays were the best as we would receive some payment for our help.

That particular morning Geoff, as usual, knocked on my bedroom window at about 7am to summon me but I was too tired and declined. I so wished I hadn't. For a long time after I blamed myself for not being sat where Geoff was sitting. I always sat in the window seat. The milk float had a sliding window and it was common practice for us to shout out of it to people we'd be passing. That morning Geoff had popped his head out of the window to check if the milk float had enough room and as he turned his head back into the float it collided with a lamppost with such force that it caused severe head injuries leading to his death. I went to see where he died the day after and there was still the remnants of blood residue and skin tissue on the footpath and lamppost. I can see it now. Geoff's nickname was Jaffa and I refused to eat Jaffa cakes for decades after.

About three years ago I started having dreams/nightmares about what happened. I decided to phone the milkman/driver of the milk float at the time. I explained my concerns about him not being prosecuted and informed him that I thought it was his fault and that he should have been jailed for his actions. He informed me that he wasn't prosecuted and that Geoff's mother never blamed him for the "accident". I didn't and don't believe him. I think he should have been prosecuted by the full force of the law. I hate him and will never forgive him for his actions.

Below are some images of the short-cut he took to try and save time. He's become a very popular chap in Holyhead. He should've been sent to jail for a long time. Mrs. Marshall lost two sons, both of them in their teens. Geoffrey's older brother died in a car accident a couple of years before Geoff was killed.

This post was written soon after I discovered that Alan Williams was crowned as the mayor of Holyhead. I've sat on it and waited until now. I didn't want to write it in a temper or whilst feeling negative. I had a quick look at Williams's CV and thought- bullshit. His claims of wanting to engage on social media are hoodwinking and fake. He hasn't even mentioned his mayoral status on his Facebook page. As for Twitter, he's only Tweeted three times in nine years. So his bio on the council page isn't quite what it seems.

If the same events happened today I'm certain that Williams would be looking at many years in jail for the fatal decisions he made that morning. If I were able to obtain the advice and experience required, I'd attempt a private prosecution to seek some justice but alas, I am but a simple criminologist.

RIP Geoff. Never forgotten.

The yellow line would normally be the route we'd take.
Red line shows the public footpath that Williams thought he'd use as a short-cut

Black arrows pointing to the footpath Williams drove down. The concrete lamppost was removed and the concrete bollard was installed to prevent anyone else thinking about driving down the path from doing so.

The present mayor of Holyhead Alan Williams was elected on the 30th May 2019.

 Alan has worked in the port of Holyhead for over 40 years and is the port services manager at the moment.

Friday, 28 June 2019

End of an Era

My youngest is now 14 years old and the same size as me. My job as house husband has come to an end. It's been 11 years since my wife and I swapped the traditional roles. The need for me to be at home when he gets home from school has passed. So I went and got a job.

The first application I made was successful. My employer knows all about my trolls, the Observer fabrication as well as the false allegations of stalking by Esther, give us your cash, Faker and mouth of the south Sonia Poulton. There are no secrets. My position is that of junior management in an office setting. My first week has been an eye-opener and body destroyer. I'm knackered. Not too knackered to keep us away from evening snorkeling sessions and 9.47pm sunsets though. I'll get used to it for certain.

I know my trolls will attempt to discover my employer and thereafter try to ruin any future chances I make for myself. So it's with a great big smile that I say, go for it fuck wits, give it your best shot, you'll fail again and again as you have with your attempts to destroy my wife's business.

Your cards are all marked. Sleep well, I know I will.

Job done

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Yet another woman guilty of making false rape allegation

Another evil bitch of a woman who falsely claimed she had been raped in the back of a taxi has been convicted of perverting the course of justice. Laura Hood, 27, from Stockport, claimed cab driver Haroon Yousaf, 29, assaulted her after a night out in January 2017. But Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court heard how the taxi's tracker device proved her account to be untrue.

Hood denied the allegation against her, adding that she was innocent because she had not knowingly lied. The court heard how Mr Yousaf was arrested and kept in custody for 20 hours after Hood's complaint. A second innocent man who drove a taxi with a similar registration plate spent 14 hours in custody.

Prosecutor Geoff Whelan said it was "extremely fortunate" for Mr Yousaf that his cab was fitted with the tracking device since it recorded the exact route he had taken. Both suspects provided intimate samples as part of the investigation before they were later told no further action would be taken against them, jurors were told. Mr Yousaf said he had "tears in my eyes" when he had to take his clothes off in front of a stranger and provide the sample. The married father said rape was the "most disgusting thing that anyone can be accused of". A consultant forensic psychiatrist concluded there was no medical or psychiatric explanation for Hood's belief that she had been sexually assaulted.

In court, Hood accepted there was no explanation, adding: "I wish I could explain why something so clear in my head... obviously it can't be true. Det Con Laura Hughes, from Greater Manchester Police, said: "Hood put a completely innocent man through a dreadful ordeal."

Hood, of Onslow Road, will be sentenced on 1 August.

Laura Hood, 27, from Stockport,