Monday, 23 October 2017

Barrister begs for money.

A supposed family lawyer has gone on the scrounge for spondoolies. Sarah Phillimore  Sillymore is attempting to convince others that she has to take on Twitter legally, because Twitter is ignoring her hundreds of complaints about numerous people who've outed her for being a silly cow and someone who's mates with professional trolls and anti-semites. She's been banging on for months about being a victim of others who've exposed her alliances to some of the worst internet trolls online. I published a list of the freaks not too long ago. 

So far, Stupidmore has raised about £400 of the £1000 she's squawking for. If she gets to her target she's going to ask/pay another barrister for advice about taking on Twitter. Uh? A barrister begging for wonga to pay another barrister to advise on taking on the worlds biggest screaming platform? All because she can't handle being exposed as a very very naive and stupid idiot. If it was your average Jo Bloggs begging the public for money I could understand, but a so-called barrister doing so just lowers the integrity of all the decent ones. The legislation is there, the precedents are there and all she has to do is read up. I did just that and evidenced the bullshit that was thrown at me by at least three police forces. I read more than was required and asked for nothing to do so. 

Stupidmore's behavior is similar to all the other stupid fools (mainly females) who're running around claiming to be "victims". Piss off and grow up. If you dance with the devil expect to get burnt. 

Sillymore's teamed up with some of those who are claiming to have been sexually abused by Westminster VIP's. I kid you not, she converses with them as if they're normal people. She accepts their version of events as a given. She doesn't take into account that they've all had their cases/complaints/bullshit stories thrown out by the CPS due to the lack of any evidence. She publishes tripe and refuses to accept that such tripe might be false or fake information. My polite requests for the removal of certain stalkers comments fall on deaf ears. So what's good for the goose is good for the gander madam.

You drew first blood.

blah blah blah


Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Nick Nick




I received this below some time ago.

"Dear Darren,
I know that you and ***** are on good terms, and, bless him, that he told ****** to stop attacking **********, or he would write in depth about him. If ***** does ever write about him, I don't mind some of my info being used, but only if it does not recognisably come from me or make me more vulnerable.

I am not a bullshitter but this is, sadly, true. I just keep extremely quiet about it. ********** knows of it though and was, of course, a wonderful support, as she has been to so many.
In this context, given that ******* knows of this attack in Brighton - where ******* then lived - and of the evidence strongly suggesting that it was linked to the continuing Brighton/N Wales cover-ups, the threats against her by 'Darren' seem even less of an innocent 'joke'.
BUT. For complex reasons, including my family's safety and recovery, I cannot risk even a hint of this ever appearing anywhere, or of it becoming widely known.

Real victims, as no doubt you know, tend not, ***************** to hurl themselves at cameras!!!!!!!

(He and his Exaro minder Tim Wood even turned up at the sentencing of Charles Napier, where he tried - in vain - to interest all the waiting journos and TV crews in interviewing him as an alleged victim of Napier. There were 30 or so genuine ones there, including some who gave evidence. Funny that police never wanted him as a witness, isn't it??) I do have a deep down gut feeling that one day the full picture will become clear, and justice achieved. But the time is not right and the risks tome at present are too great.

It feels right though to flag this history to you, given your key position within the N Wales story and the continuing fight for justice. It is a tiny part of the jigsaw, and may, I sense, one day help make sense of other parts of it. From memory, by the time I lodged my notes for safekeeping with the lawyer, Napier had been arrested but not yet charged.

Re John Allen's trial, what I wrote is not very clear. The police and CPS just needed my evidence that ****** ****** had alerted me (and others) to his abuse by John Allen many, many years ago. What I could add was not key evidence so, when I told the CPS that I was afraid to give evidence at trial - John Allen had, after all, mysteriously gone missing for a week during his 1990s trial, during which time Lee Homburg, a witness against him, died in Brighton or, his family allege, been murdered - the police and CPS were happy just that I confirmed *****'s story, and agreed that there was no need for me to appear.

Finally, I am very concerned for poor Zoompad's welfare. She has major mental health challanges, as a survivor, and was not long ago sectioned. She was clearly targeted early on by the disinfo crowd as someone so vulnerable that she, and her blog, could be used to spread their smears, trial-prejudicing claims, deliberate libels and false allegations. Now Darren Etc has linked her into all his claims about ****** being MI5.

Worse, if you look at her tweets yesterday, he terrified Zoompad about her own safety. He forwarded his claim that Jon ***** was blackmailing him, and wrote that they should all expect attacks over the weekend. Poor Zoompad clearly did not understand all the references and started tweeting about another Jon (Jon Gaunt) and his radio show. But she describes herself as terrified, comfort-eating, expecting the police any minute to burst in, and says she has told her partner she may any minute have another full blown breakdown, and what he must then do.
Heart-breaking.  I don't know though who if anyone can safely reach out to Zoompad, to reassure and calm her, given that she is so impressionable that she might be persuaded by Darren Etc that anyone who tries is actually her enemy. Poor woman. last 'and finally'! I am aware that Darren Etc was also by early 2013 in touch with Sabine Kurjo McNeill, of Victims Unite, and shared his papers with her. She is in my opinion a key figure in the entire disinfo campaign. She was, to give just one example,central to the recent Hampstead primary school fake satanic abuse scare, and is now on the run from an arrest warrant. I have been aware of her since 2010.

She has also recently hosted a post by Andrea Davison, which tries to make her seem the source of John Mann's copy of the Dickens dossier (she isn't).

Back in 2013, when I learned through someone else that Darren Etc had become involved with Sabine, I at first gave him the benefit of the doubt and believed his claim to them that he was not responsible for the postings on Zoompad's site by 'Anonymous'. I thought that Sabine might have written them for him. I don't think that now. But her involvement is nonetheless alarming."

Monday, 9 October 2017

Edward Heath/ Black Eyed People

Apologies for this but I couldn't help laughing and just had to share. Richie Allen is paid by Icke. Allen is just the funniest parody of journalism there is. Icke? No need for words from me, he does it all himself.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Slowly Slowly burying the monkey

My youngest lad had his first shave last night.
I bought him the necessaries and watched with pride.
My wife and I are celebrating our 25th year of togetherness in three weeks.
We have the ability to travel anywhere on earth to celebrate.
I was 50 last month.
My 21year old son has just returned from an Asian trip that lasted for a month.
My daughter has a new job role with much responsibility.

The point of this?

Had it been up to the police, certain parts of the media and a team out of online fuckwits I would have been behind bars for all of the above. Year after year. Well, I'm not and I'm never going to be. Those words will hurt many of those who've attempted to destroy my life. I'm going to provide a list of them one day, but most of my readers already know their identities.

I've just bought a new car and intend going for lazy do fuck all drives around the beautiful coast of north Wales. I'm also considering returning to university to study a subject that will enable me to make a small fortune for the rest of my life. Life is getting back on track slowly.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

War Against False Allegations

I'm joining the War against those who falsely/maliciously accuse others of serious sexual offences and similar offences that could lead to the imprisonment of innocent men. I've experienced and witnessed enough to make me want to load the barrel of the truth cannon, take aim and ignite the fuse.

The latest hysterical ramblings I've witnessed have provided me with the determination to fight this War until my dying days. An old man who, over the years has attacked many on social media (mainly Twitter) including me, has now stated that he witnessed Edward Heath, the former Prime Minister, and Micheal Foot the former MP and leader of the Labour Party of early 1980's at a place at a time in the 1970's. In short, the old geezer implies that Heath used to pick up young boys from a home and sexually abuse them. No sooner does he suggest such drivel then a cultish following begin to retweet his bullshit. If you're doubting my words have a look here @reeves3915

Reeves is bonkers. His ramblings/rants are well known and continue to this day and will continue for as long as he's allowed to continue. Even when he was supposedly in the hospital recently his crew were spewing his bile out for him. He claims he was abused as a child and his tweets are evidence of this. His Twitter  feed  here for the past month shows over a hundred tweets (111) and retweets that mention Heath. His supporters are the same bunch of nutter bus passengers that have supported other false accusers who've managed to bullshit the media and police for years. The copper who was tasked with investigating Heath, (Operation Conifer) stupidly replied to one tweet from Reeves.

Below are just a few examples of Reeves's recovered memories.

Threats of violence to a barrister that fights for these fakers to be outed

See what I mean?

Super hero? pmsl

We? Haven't heard or read any other supporting comments anywhere on the internet

I thought the race only started in 1996. I'm probably wrong.

Not as strange as I find you and your bullshit.

Two and a half years between these posts. I find that very strange

If any evidence was needed of Jimbo's lunacy the above tweet should suffice even the lowest form of intelligence. Anglesea was a police chief superintendent, I was a 13/14-year-old kid in Bryn Estyn. Reeves thinks and shares his lunatic conspiracies such as above and the mob whip it up for him. I suppose pity might be in order. Bless.

Point of order- should anyone dare to question the tripe that flows from the mouths of these idiots, then they can expect the usual shite from trolls like Roberts and his lot. The last time I wrote about them, they went mental and wrote thousands of words all about little ole me. Tweets from four years ago were cut and pasted by all those named below. Like it bothers me. I mean, I've been falsely accused of gang rape by the Observer/Guardian, do these dust mites really think they're having any kind effect on my life?  I believe they do think they are. That's how far gone they are.

Roberts is a part of the auto-tweet gang that usually move into
 silence anyone who questions anyone claiming they're a VIP csa victim.

Integrity? pmsl

A recent addition from today. 27.09.2017

"sorry self"? I think he might be mistaken.
Check out Google


So from here on, I'm going to be fighting the War that these fakers and victim jockey's started. It won't be on social media, in the papers or on the fucking TV. It's a War of evidence and that dear readers is a War they can't win. Onwards.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Dry Ice. A book about false rape allegations

I may have confused readers with this sign. I'm reckoning only a small number of readers recognised the esoteric meaning behind it. 

Here's a better-informed picture. I read this book over the weekend from start to finish with only a sleep break in between the two halves.I have yet to read a more experienced author on the subject of false rape allegations.

From the start to the last word Peter Joyce held my attention. Like a brilliantly interesting teacher at school I was hooked early on and continued to be for the duration of the book. I can't recall the last time I read something with so much interest. It was as if I was stood alongside the author for the duration of his ordeal.  I felt like I was in the "V loop".

According to the official statistics, few have been in such a position. Bullshit! The number of us who've stared down into the dark abyss of false allegations, police failures, and police inaction is an ever-increasing number. Week by the week we're drip-fed stories by the mainstream media. False allegations that could send men to jail, ergo, lose everything they have gained in life, are growing in number. People like Peter Joyce and I have decided to attend to the problem by using our experiences and have resorted to sharing, writing and talking about the subject. 

Why now? For the simple reason that it's NOW time to do so. Someone somewhere needs to tackle this rot that's eating away at an ever-increasing number of men's lives. For this entry, I won't overload you with statistics but know this-false allegations of sexual assault by women and men against men are not, by any means, rare. In fact, I'd argue and boy do I have some experience to argue, that the figures would shock even the most openminded of scholars and or academics. Huge numbers of fake complaints are hidden by those who are, quite frankly, too fucking scared to see them, to accept them and to address them. Further down the line, I'll be offering the figures for the uneducated in this area. You will be shocked. 

Peter Joyce was accused of raping a female he'd never met. He was alleged to have been one of a gang that raped "Verity" when she was a young child. Her father was accused of being the "ring-leader" of a fairy tale paedophile gang. Peter and V's dad were friends as were their wives. They knew and met each other a few times despite living in differing districts of New Zealand. 

Peter was an English teacher who was semi-retired and about 62ish when the police made the first contact with him. Verity's initial interview was some two years before the police approached Peter. Two fucking years! Explain that. The police would claim it was " a very complex case". Piss off. The police were lazy and couldn't be arsed to do what needed doing....their job. Peter discovered that the police hadn't even interviewed "John" until many months after they'd interviewed Peter. Eh? The ring-leader wasn't interviewed until months after the members of a so-called paedophile gang? Jaw dropping but comes as no surprise to me. I know what the police get up to during an investigation that's considered "complex". 

Psychologically Peter handled his ordeal exceptionally well. He wrote, and he wrote well and often. He researched and he became au fait with his subject matter. If you can't write then for God's sake learn. It's as good a therapy as anything that might be prescribed by anyone claiming to be medically qualified. 

Peter and I have a common denominator throughout our saga's. Our wives. Our rocks, our stabilizers, drivers, counselors, loved ones. I'm convinced that without the support of our wives we'd be somewhere else at this given time in life. Additionally, family, friends and known buddies have carried a small part of the burden we carted around for far too long, thanks to the police. But our wives are female and they know how females think and they know their partners too. Far better than anyone else, our wives knew we were not guilty of the crimes we were accused of. They read the statements, they listened to the legal eagles, they read our lives and they know bullshit when they can smell it. Personally, I have to put my hands up for spending too much of our precious time entertaining the mob that Twitter is. Lesson learned! Rest assured I learned enough to know I know very little about the depths of that particular cavern.

The presentation style of the book is in diary form. Peter takes us through the months of torment by scribing daily and weekly entries. Details of meetings, appointments, and everyday conversations are included throughout the book. He offers the reader an insight into his thoughts and is honest about certain events that some wouldn't have included. That said, his action's during his time on bail are, to me, a completely natural response to being in that place at that time. Coping mechanisms for those facing serious false allegations, with a lengthy sentence if it all goes wrong, are subjective to the accused I suppose. In my case, I learned to scan words on a computer monitor faster than I thought was possible. Evidencing a concrete defense became a method of coping. Late night dog walks helped too. They still do. If anyone thinks that a man who has everything, who's looking at potentially losing all he has for a considerable period of time, because of a pathetic set of allegations made for reasons beyond the average person's comprehension, can return to his normal life within a couple of months is living in cloud cuckoo land. Remember I had a triple whammy, three accusers. Two so-called females and a national newspaper. All joined up to strengthen the polices case. Information made available to the prosecution was such that it breached the data protection act. But hey enough of me.

Peter Joyce's book, Dry Ice opens with "Anonymity be damned". I've always been of the same mind. I've used my name and I'm known for using it for as long as I care to remember. Essentially, if people don't like what they read or they watch in my name, don't read or watch it. Anonymity is not for me. Peter chose to go public with his wife's support...eventually. I had no choice. The Observer newspaper article of 1992 seen to that. Assisted by, erm, er, shall we settle on- loads of others? No need for details in this entry. 

Dry Ice tackles the very much promoted ideology surrounding "Rape Myths". Those with any knowledge of the present state of the legislation in the UK and elsewhere regards the crime of rape will know but might not agree, the worlds gone mad. The official stance,  a policy of  'believe the victim' has created a rape industry worth millions upon millions of spondoolies. Billions of pounds worth in sterling. Its seeds were sown in the early 1980's. I was there. I kid you not, I was legal aided, or rather tens of lawyers were legally aided, to drag my sorry arse from city to city, town to town, meeting after meeting, psyche after psyche. I was in the victim section of the 'abused making machine'. You're introduced to the media through your lawyer or maybe you have a mate who's 'been on telly before like'. The robot journo pays a pittance in a shit hole of a hotel- soon enough it's 'yeah man I'll have the fillet and a large JD if that's OK?' Been there got the tee-shirt. Managed £500 in a brown envelope too, ask Robert Kilroy Silk. He informed me that the BBC doesn't pay it guests to appear on his show. Anyone remember it? A bit like Jeremy Kyle but with teeth and trousers. I mean the guests had teeth and trousers. I appeared on it and was paid unofficially in a brown envelope. Cracking night in the 5* hotel too. Enough. I digress too much.

Similar to many in this Godforsaken position, I assumed and he writes about it, that Peter converted or translated much of anything remotely connected to his case onto his case. You personalise matters that would otherwise pass through the brain cells and arrive at wherever brain cells deposit themselves., But not now. Not whilst the early morning psychological train crash is an inevitability. Radio stations, TV, social media, newspapers and a whole host of other state-sponsored media outlets would disappear without the inclusion of criminal content. Rape and Stalking are front-runners for the domestic crime rate mythical race at this moment in time and are only a few foot behind the more generally favored and accepted leader on fear-terrorism.

The omission of acceptability and accountability by the police, from top to bottom was expected and supplied by Peter. Anyone who's been through a similar experience will know this only too well. But I doubt Jo Bloggs would understand why it would take a year, two or three to investigate something that could and has been completed in a  matter months if done by others who don't, from the outset believe the victim. Admittedly the others don't swear an allegiance to the Queen but what difference does that ever make? Time is the same for all of us. Police officers involved in mine and Peter's cases wasted much of what time was offered by believing the victims. Foolishly being led a merry dance by those with previous form for exactly the same behavior exhibited elsewhere. The police don't check, period. 

The damage caused by these women cause cannot be quantified. Short term and long term, the effects are dire to those falsely accused. Lives are destroyed. Peter touches on the Westminster VIP scandal and offers his views about the individual known as "Nick". "Nick" is a fantasist who claims to have been sexually tortured and abused by the former UK prime minister Edward Heath along with many other senior position holders in the UK government. Army chiefs, MP's and a host of others are included in "Nicks" allegations. Utter codswallop. "Nick" is supposedly known to one of my accusers. Apparently, they witnessed each other being sexually abused in a medical room at the same time in Dolphin Square, London. Bollocks. As I write "Nick" is under investigation for perverting the course of justice or something similar. I don't tend to take in any details these days, I've heard it all before. 

Much of today's policeman's hours are spent (or supposedly spent) investigating non-recent child sex abuse. The old pre-rape-myth version-historical child sexual abuse has been hijacked by the "truthers" of the rape industry. "It's not historical for those that have suffered non-recent sexual abuse"!! Oh, shut up yes it is. If it's in the past it's in the past, ergo, historical. The dinosaurs are also a non-recent example of life. How far back in time do these "truthers" want to go? Neandethal? Homo-erectus? Not all women who've endured being raped bang on about for the next forty years. Many manage with individual coping measures. They get on with life. Take Chrissie Hynde for example. She shares her traumatic experiences of times gone by and tells us that she deals with it. She states that she will not let what happened to her ruin her life. Go, Chrissie. 

Peter Joyce attends to recent statistics offered up by a varied range of suppliers, including official and those supplied by differing rape charities. Trust me there's no shortage of these. The author supplies us with examples of false rape complaints from different countries and takes us through the evidence of some in detail. He slams the police and the CPS throughout for their approaches in all cases on offer. Quite right too.

On September the 18th 2015 Peter gets the call. Case closed. A cold one-minute phone call from the lead female officer. Cold and callus. He never receives an official letter. Still, to this day he continues to pursue the matter. Despite the impossibility of being the rapist he was accused of being, despite the case being closed and despite the accusers lies being proven, Peter still wasn't considered innocent enough to receive an official letter stating so. Angry? You bet.

Verity escapes prosecution. Hundreds of similar liars do also. It's not in the public interest apparently. Despite many false complaints proven to be fake the authorities seem to consider them to be victims of something. Anything that can be used as an excuse for non-prosecution is used.

The poor souls must have suffered somewhere at some time. They must have because their psychiatrist says it is so. How can anyone suffer this amount of trauma without having suffered previously? There has to be an answer and that answer according to the rape myth addicts has to be a form of sexual abuse by someone at some time. Nothing else matters. If the complainant changes the identity or forgets who raped her it's down to the trauma, if she forgets where and when again it's because of the trauma. Should she mistakenly accuse an innocent party of defiling her, you guessed it, trama. So the need for a prosecution doesn't exist. Poor thing isn't well upstairs if you get me. Mental issues and the like. Best just leave her be and things will improve over time.

The accused? Fuck him. He's a man and can handle it. He's probably guilty anyway. Maybe not this time but he's definitely done it before. Or even, he'll do it in the future. After all, "all men are potential rapists" aren't they? We'll get him next time. 

For the record. I detest any form of violence. Sexual, physical and psychological. I hate rapists. I've known a few. Some were the stereotypical unshaven dirty, disheveled and predatory. Others have been of a different ilk. Educated, well-spoken, smart in appearance. They are all detested by me. IF a man is convicted of rape then he needs to be jailed for a substantial period time. I don't consider any other sentence suitable. Community sentences and lower shouldn't be an alternative to custody.

Towards the ending of the book, Peter Joyce writes about receiving his legal bundle. A mish-mash of paperwork. Verity's statements are redacted and other stuff is missing, but in the main, he gets to see how the police didn't do their jobs. He's scathing of them. He's kind as far as I'm concerned. Too kind. These people are paid by us to do a job of work. They do as little as possible. Human nature? Don't know or care. What I do know is that if they did their jobs to the standard required I wouldn't have had to endure what I did. I won't forget, ever. My battle with the Observer is ongoing.

I can recommend Dry Ice to everyone. Especially those involved with the defending of false allegations. I'm of the mind the book should be on every defense lawyers kitchen table. It's not an academic study or report. It's a man's story about being a victim in the real sense of what victims are. Those that suffer as a result of some other bastards criminal behavior. 

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Trolls be trolling

Following on from the last entry, I thought I'd support the claims I made. I know cut and copying is a lazy method of evidencing my views but hey ho I'm not about to give any more time than necessary to these bottom feeders(interpret that how you want). When and if you bother to have a scroll down the lists on offer consider this-is there a single tweet on offer to reduce CSA? Do these scumbags really think they are doing any survivor and good?

Your conclusions can only be the same as those of us who have really fought, tooth and nail, to expose and share these victims jockeys. Nothing but nothing has been achieved by any of those listed below. Alan Goodwins regurgitation of the Observer article evidences the actual rationale behind his fake persona. Anyone who's anyone in the arena of CSA is fully aware that the article has/is being challenged and was removed from the paper's archive. But hey why mention that eh? Doesn't suit the trolls agenda, does it? Goodwin has an overriding obsession with buggery and rape. I mean, it's not normal, it's way beyond the average person's/campaigners comprehension. Rumours about him and a missing kid in Germany (where he has resided for three decades) are hovering around the internet. I assume someone will discover one day if it is the same man in the e-fit released by the police. It would explain a lot of his actions. I'll let you ponder on that.

Not so sunny after all

Alan and his rape obsessions   

Flickering bulb

Sleepy head

crafty cunt




sweet FA


Friday, 15 September 2017

Barbara Hewson.

Why am I writing this? To express my admiration and support of a barrister who has challenged and metaphorically battered those who've decided she is a wrong-un. Nothing could be further from the truth. She has supported myself and my family along with others who've come across the likes of Alun Goodwin, Exaro, Sarah Phillimore, @Sunnyclaribel and their fellow cultists (spell check) who are the epitome and embodiment of social media (Twitter) trolls. I'll provide a list at the bottom. Here's a couple of recent examples of the thousands that have been posted on Twitter

    4 minutes ago
    A paedophile managed to intimidate me into silence when I was ten. No amount of hate/intimidation from Barbara Hewson will shut me up now.
  2. Did Barbara Hewson get backhanders to run her harrassment/hate/abuse/ intimidation campaign against Esther Baker?

  3. I've witnessed the social media (Twitter) attacks on BH for a few years. To this day the attacks continue and to some extent have progressed from calling her a 'paedo protector' to 'nonce lover' to 'child rapist supporter'. Those responsible have serious issues with BH and her defence of folk like me who've been falsely accused of rape, child abuse and stalking. She will not allow these idiots and anonymous non-entities to faze her. I admire that in anyone. I've shrugged off similar piss smelling shit heads for years.

Here are a few examples of just some of BH qualifications

  • She campaigned against the court-ordered treatment of pregnant women, claiming that family courts were depriving women of fundamental rights to personal autonomy and to a fair trial.
  • In Ireland, she appeared in a number of cases in the Four Courts in Dublin, notably concerning the home birth midwife Ann Kelly during 1997-2000, but also vulnerable adults
  • The Times profiled Hewson as its Lawyer of the Week on 11 February 2010.
  • She was named as a Band 1 Junior for Court of Protection - Health & Welfare in Chambers Legal Directory (2015). The Legal 500 (2014) called her a "leading junior" in the fields of Administrative Law, Civil Liberties, and Disciplinary Law
Given these qualifications and her vast experience of legal experience and arguments over the years, I'd love to witness any single one of the internet trolls that attack her daily, face up to her in a legal setting. I doubt they would even reply should she furnish them with court papers. BH and I met by chance. I took the piss for a while but then began to research this 'controversial' barristers background. Surprisingly for me, I found myself warming to her side of the many arguments she has been dragged into or involved herself with. Not just on social media but elsewhere too (court cases, appeals etc).

Her ideologies and mine differ in certain respects but in the main, we agree on many things. The main subject where we both agree on is the area of false allegations. Many will be aware of the trauma my family and I have endured in recent years due to malicious and false allegations. Not once has BH's support faltered. She didn't have to publicly show her support. She didn't have to engage with me publicly. So why did she? Because she knows right from wrong that's why. She witnessed the build-up to and the culmination of attacks that finally led to the police believing certain shit heads regards allegations against me and others. Her support thereafter increased upon witnessing these monsters attacking those of us that challenged the status quo regards the spurious and invented allegations of VIP historical child sexual abuse. 

Her legal advice to my legal team was exemplary. Her knowledge of legislation and precedent blew us away. There were times when I wished she was representing me. It felt like she was sometimes. Her public admissions to be a defence witness at any trial that may have taken place encouraged a massive increase in attacks on her. She swatted them one by one like flies. Some task, given the unquantifiable amount that headed her way. Not long after the judge dismissed my case I withdrew from Twitter. In other words, I kept a promise to my family and friends. It mattered not one iota to those that smell of piss and puke. They continued and continue to wield their picks and axes at her.
BH can defend herself against anyone that tries to suggest she has anything other than the good welfare of the ideologies she chooses to defend. 

This entry is written in lay terms. By an individual with some experience of the care system, prison system and criminal justice system. However, I have far more experience than the majority of those who attack BH. I have met tens of barristers, solicitors and legal advocates over the past forty years. Not one has had the balls to say what they think. Not one has had the guts to stand up and publicly speak for the poor (financially) innocents of false allegations. For this alone Kudos is due.

So there you have it. A nice article about Barbara Hewson from a qualified criminologist. 

The list below contains the most recent piss stinking twitter trolls who attack BH on a daily basis. The list is by no means exhaustive. Far from it. But you'll get the picture if you ask Google to have a look for you.

Enjoy the weekend. It's only down to people like Barbara Hewson that I can.