Saturday, 17 March 2018

Article Removal. FAO

I'll just leave this here shall I, fatty? I'm just popping to the loo.
For those that don't know, Fat Al continuously relies on an article which was removed from the Observer archives. He thinks by tweeting it repeatedly that it will return to the public arena and all of a sudden people will believe he is the best campaigner in his batshit mental world. He normally tweets it when I've published something about him or his fat arsed mates. He left the UK under a cloud of darkness involving a thirteen-year-old and a bag of chips apparently. Far be it for me to speculate about the truth behind the lurid allegations this twitter account has made public. The real batshit crazy nutter-bus passengers have as much idea about the truth behind the allegations as I do. But who cares about the truth anyway? 

The hard truth is that most of the time, newspapers will reject your request to have an article unpublished. News organizations’ primary responsibility is to report objectively, not to protect your online reputation, and they themselves may face criticism if they unpublish materials too readily. A search of the Observers archives will evidence no sign of the article that was removed as a "gesture of goodwill" by the editor. I'm very grateful for the gesture but argue that the creation of the article is FFF- fabricated and or fake and or and false and or all three)

Removing content from external sites is notoriously problematic. Getting a newspaper to remove defamatory information is possible (though not easy), and when that information is deleted, Google will automatically stop showing it in search results. Newspapers are an important historical resource, and they’re proud of this fact. They’re generally quite hostile (as opposed to "gestures of goodwill") to the idea of deleting or removing published articles.

Typically, when information published is factual news, the most important factor in determining whether removal is possible is who the webmaster or news organization that published the content. In most circumstances, the only way to get factual news stories removed is to contact the organization or webmaster that published or is hosting the content. Whether a particular organization will remove an article will depend heavily on the internal policies of that particular organization and how convincing your reasons are (such as having evidence which proves the news article is FFF) for having the content removed.

You only have one shot to get it right and to remove news articles from the internet. Most news organizations are initially not very receptive to removing, editing, altering, or correcting content. However, if you take the correct approach and are able to make a persuasive case as to why your particular request should be granted many webmasters will be happy to comply, as it will be the right thing to do.

While the best case scenario for a party harmed by a defamatory news article is complete removal of the article from the internet, media companies may offer some other options. For instance, if the harmed party can obtain a judgment that states a story is false and defamatory, some media companies may be willing to request that it be de-indexed from search engines (e.g. Google). 

Moreover, media outlets may offer to correct or update a story if the requesting party provides proof of an inaccuracy or a new development. I'm working on this. The biggest new development so far is the emergence of an affidavit that isn't an affidavit by any description. Firstly, it's un-dated. Secondly, it's not signed by those who would have signed it as a legal affidavit i.e. solicitor, lawyer, paralegal or anyone who knows how to write their name. Thirdly, I'd never had sight of it until January 2016. Fourthly, any examination of it would show some very odd marks and scribbles, unsigned corrections are evident throughout the document.

Make your case, and make it well. There’s usually no legal reason to get an item taken down, so you’ll only succeed if you ask respectfully and eloquently. If they do remove the item, they’ll be doing it as a favor to you. Or as in my case "a gesture of goodwill".

E-mail from Stephen Pritchard (Readers Editor, Observer Newspaper)

Replying to my questions about why the article hadn't been taken down immediately

These tweets followed on from this entry. It always the same ones. Look at the dates. He's using a scheduled tweet program that picks out previous identical tweets. He spends every single hour of every day doing this. Considering he left the UK under a cloud of darkness this behaviour just doesn't sit in the normal classroom of stalkers. It's beyond my comprehension.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Anglesey Clownsil's Taxi Drivers Training in Child Sexual Abuse/Exploitation

This is the best that Anglesey County Council can come up with. Hang your heads in shame. You've just dished out £12million for a link road that links one end of Llangefni town to the other end. There has never been a traffic problem in the town center and there was never likely going to be one. The population of the Isle of Anglesey are being ripped off, left right and center and they allow it to happen year upon year upon year. The fools at the heads of the concerned departments farm out children across the UK to avoid having to look after them because none of them who's employed at senior levels have the brains or know-how to understand the procedurals and policies of looking after children. They haven't got a clue.

So this video is what the brains of children's social services come up with. I guarantee it took about 3months to make and all those featured within it wanted to be in on the editing because it gave them time off real work and made them feel like they were on the Voice or X Factor. Oh how they felt important whilst sitting there next to the director. Junno what? Even the music was obtained from a free download site, talk about holding back on the CSA?CSE funding!!

This council has failed to protect children from abuses by adults since it's creation. I know from experience that no-one gives a shit about what goes on here in the foster homes and elsewhere in private dwellings. As long as those at the top of the tree have diesel in their Landrovers nothing will ever change. 

Embarassing in this day and age.

Wilmer and Others.

Oooops nearly missed this. Wilmer and Others eh? Who could that be? As if we didn't know. Thank God cats aren't allowed in the court building. Smelly as smelly gets. 

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Priest guilty of child sex abuse

Massive congrats to a friend and fellow victim of some serious evil bastard online trolls. he's waited for a long time for this day. Not lighting my cigar yet though. There'll be a time for that. Roll on tomorrow.

Oops nearly forgot this, silly me.

Monday, 12 March 2018

RIP Ken Dodd

What a funny man. I was brought up listening to his comedy. Rest in Peace.

P.S. Have there been any allegations of sexual abuse by Ken Dodd yet? After all, he did live in Liverpool.

Friday, 9 March 2018

North Wales Police. Two officers in court accused of destroying and creating false evidence in child abuse cases

Two Detective Constables were both working in the North Child Abuse Investigation Team (NCAIT)

Two police officers have appeared in court charged with misconduct in public office, following a probe into failures in child abuse investigations.

Detective Constable Sharon Patterson and former Detective Constable Lee Pollard appeared at Chelmsford Magistrates' Court this morning (March 9), each charged with three counts of wilfully misconducting themselves while in a position of public office. Patterson, 46, and Pollard, 48, both of Littlefield Road, Colchester, face accusations of destroying evidence and creating false evidence in child abuse cases dating back to 2012.

Pollard is accused of destroying four photographs which may have been used as evidence in 2013 and creating a false form to make supervisors think the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) had made a no further action decision against a suspect in 2014, and falsely representing a suspect's interview in 2014. Patterson is accused of falsely representing evidence in 2012, creating a false no further action form from the CPS in 2012 and falsifying a witness statement between December, 2013 and January, 2014.

Neither entered a plea.They were granted unconditional bail until a plea hearing to take place on April 6 at Chelmsford Crown Court.

Tom Tubby Watson, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party. IICSA, Exaro, collusion conflation and down right corruption.

Have always had respect for this fella. He's blown Tom Watson out of the fucking water. 

Faddy's  twitter feed is ssshhhhhhhamoking

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Another NFA for a member of the troll gang

The @craftymuvva Twitter account has been told to piss off by the police after making spurious and fake complaints against two specific people. Confirmation can be obtained by asking her......................hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

It's snowing!