Friday, 9 February 2018

The Wall of Silence-Voyeurism

So what do we know about the legal definition of Voyeurism ? Not much judging by the Statistics .
The much-debated Wall of Silence worries me. It should worry the reader too. Especially knowing what we now know about one of its creators "Nick". Everything you need to know about "Nick" can be found here.

The first time I heard about the Wall of Silence I thought it was a bit of an odd one. Who, as a victim of child sexual abuse would want to publicly display pictures of themselves as a child/victim? I don't understand it. Maybe I'm in the minority but I just cannot fathom out why anyone would choose to display pictures of themselves when they were at their most vulnerable. What is the point?

Did you share your pictures with the man now facing multiple charges of downloading and or making (same thing legally) child sex images? Did you offer pictures of your abused children to this man? Someone has, The Wall of Silence exists and so do the images. Images of supposedly abused children. The Wall of Silence project has just been told that the Wall won't be allowed to be displayed in the Houses Of Parliament as arranged previously. Why? My best guess is because those in the know have been briefed about "Nicks" involvement. They are aware of the details of the present charges and further potential charges to come. They chose wisely.

If you've donated or contributed to the Wall of Silence ask yourself this- are my images being investigated by the police? Have my images been used for anything other than the Wall itself? Am I part of the voyeurism charges that "Nick" faces? Has "Nick" doctored the images for some kind of sexual gratification? Questions for all I would suggest.