Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Look up, in the Sky

During the past few weeks, I've had sight of official documents that have been served to numerous cretins. These documents/bundles have been prepared by some very learned people, myself not included. All the papers have been served to the courts, the cretins, and credible witnesses. 2018 isn't what the guilty parties thought it was going to be.

Be rest assured fuckwits, your days are going to get dark and dreary. You think you can act like thugs and bullies in an online environment, but trust me on this the courts do not take lightly to those that fuck them about. And boy oh boy have you fucked them about. We'll see how much air-punching you do when you're stood face to face with a judge.

No-one will be supporting you from the public gallery, no-one will be able to send hugs and no-one will offer to pay your debts/fines. You'll probably end up in custody, face down on your skinny pillow wondering where it all went wrong. I can assist you on that score- It was the day you were conceived.