Friday, 16 November 2012

Legal Seagulls

I would be unable to continue this blog without mentioning the so called representation each and every one has received over the past 21 years. Believe it or not but some cases from 1988 are still in the system.  The manipulation of the unlearned is by far a massive threat to any future complainants seeking closure. For me it ended in the high court. Justice Scott baker threw my claim (in the main for lack of education) out on its arse. 13 solicitors, 4 QC'S and couple of medi-legal reports must have cost an absolute fortune. The distances I travelled, the cost involved can never be quantified. The stress, anxiety and expectations would be too much for many to cope with. This as well as studying, bring up a family and trying to let go of the past took its toll. I’ll return to this area at a later stage.  To follow I’ll offer some observations for the reader to digest.
The first photograph is of me taken in the run up to the Inquiry. I had dressed in my best and was instructed to look sad. A few months later when the Inquiry was announced I was approached by a so-called solicitor. After our introduction (David Williams HTV Wales was accompanying me) at the home address of Alison Taylor (so-called whistle blower) we did lunch. Ummm, pie and chips and gravy in the Railway Hotel, Bangor North Wales.
Within a short period of time I’d be a company director of O.C.E.A.N. –Official Campaign Ending Abuse Nationwide. I was instructed to fill in the required forms and after much harassment from me and others, BIllah Uppal Singh finally produced the company in an official capacity. I was to lead from the front and “shepherd” (Singh’s word) as many “victims as possible in the direction of Marron Dodd’s and Co from er……..Leicester.  BIllah or Bill as we used to call him had championed his firms the only form who knows what they’re doing because “they” had “done” the Pindown Inquiry. I was blown out of the water buy his patter. I held him in high esteem. At one stage I was close to becoming convinced to being a legal advocate because of his encouraging compliments. DUH!

It came as no surprise to be dropped by Singh half way through the hearings at Ewloe. I sussed out Marron Dodd’s game and didn’t want to play anymore. I refuse to be represented by any other lawyer and eventually received the permission from Sir Ronald to self-represent. It was a paper decision in reality. A decision however small for the Chair which was to increase my confidence substantially.  The packs of lawyers who descended upon the Inquiry will receive an in-depth essay in the not too distant future